Yesterday was a day for sharing “God-incidences” (thanks Anna for the term!)  I heard a number of fun stories from friends.  One friend was able to remember a name she didn’t think she knew right when she needed to.  Another was randomly given a bottle of raspberry-jalapeno jam after writing about it in an unpublished story, and discovered a new favorite food.  Another friend has a fun surprise coming her way that I know was inspired and for her.

Twice in the same week another friend was disappointed that they were out of stock on an item he planned to purchase, and through a weird glitch could not even get it ordered online through the same store.  Both times he found a better deal 10 minutes later at a store he had previously already checked for the item and not previously found it.

I love hearing other people’s stories.   Challenge:  Share one of yours today.


3 thoughts on “Sharing

  1. Yesterday a friend who I’ve only known since August, and hadn’t seen since before my baby was born called and brought us dinner. It turned out to be a tender mercy because baby had her 2 month immunizations and was not a happy camper. I would not have been able to make such a nice dinner as this friend brought me.

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