Last week I sloughed work.  I was supposed to teach 7 piano lessons last Wednesday, then I was done for the week.  2 called and asked to move them up to earlier in the week.  A family of 3 had an emergency and had to leave town unexpectedly, then at the last minute another one had to postpone for a week.  That left me with only 1 lesson.  My kids were starting to not feel well, and I really didn’t want to drive across town for just 1 lesson.  I normally would, but last week I just really wanted to be done and focus on my kids.  I cancelled the lesson.  The only odd thing is I had no guilt at all.

This week we found out that our family has had strep throat.  That Wednesday was the day we were most contagious.  I think it was great that I avoided passing it on to so many people, and I know that last student really appreciated not sharing!


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