Success at home school.  No actual miracle here, just bragging.

My 13 year old started “officially” learning computer programming last week.  I have a little programming background, but very outdated, and nothing to teach a class with.  He has been doing a lot of learning on his own, but I wanted something more structured, more thorough, and more official.  We found a very basic, learning language called SCRATCH that had a free, online learning course, and he got started.  He anticipates finishing the beginner course this week, and is excited to move on to a “real language.”  This week he also got his sister interested in programming, and today he showed me a cool “Pong” game that he wrote in his spare time.  It was so cool to see him playing a game he programmed himself with his very excited 5 year old brother.

For me this is a success because one of my primary goals of homeschooling is to teach my children to love learning.  He not only loves what he is learning, but he has managed to get others excited with him!  That is what I expect from an education.

For anyone else interested, here are the links we used:

SCRATCH  –  Thank you MIT

ONLINE COURSE  –  Thank you Alison



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