We just had the busiest spring break ever.  This week will probably just be me trying to catch up with everything that happened.

We spent the first half of the week remodeling.  There are two neighbor boys I have worked with through scouting.  They did their music merit badge with me, and decided they enjoyed it so much they talked their parents into getting them a piano.  They were a little worried when they realized that not only did their parents have to fork out the money for a piano, but also tune and maintain it is well.  We proposed a trade, a few hours of help with painting and remodeling for a piano tune.

These young men (both eagle scouts and still working on their palms) not only came over during their spring break to work for the trade, but they volunteered an extra day and a half without pay just because they saw we needed it.  I mean they worked for the entire day, no complaining, no goofing off, no wishing they could go home early.  Free food didn’t hurt, but they totally went above and beyond, contributing so much to our project.  They are getting the best tune and clean that their piano can handle, a great reference, and work experience for their resume’s.  They could have done so many other things with their spring break, goofed off with friends, played on the computer, slept in, but they chose service!  Lucky for us.  I think that is how the world is supposed to work.


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