Have a Good Friday!

A little busy today.  Tonight I host a gaggle of pre-teen girls.  Wish me luck!

Curious what everyone’s opinions on sleepovers are.  I guess they can be pretty dangerous things, but they can also be quite fun.  My 11 year old and I decided she could host a sleepover for her party.  Invites were sleepover with parental approval (abt 50/50 from the parents), but whoever was still here after 10:30 gets to go to sleep.  We’ll see how that goes.

I have noticed that when I get too busy, distracted, or worried.  I don’t see miracles as easily.  I guess today’s would be that while hubby was realizing he was stood up for an appointment to tune a piano, another call came in and he was able to fit them in that exact time spot.  Things work out.



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