Phone Technology

LG전자, 한국인에 꼭 맞는 '옵티머스Q' 스마트폰 출시

Hubby recently got a smart phone so he could take payments and invoice while working on site.  Not only is that going to be a huge help, but we seem to have made the move at just the right time.  We were basically waiting for the price of the technology to come down.  We got a great deal on a phone, and a decently good price on a phone plan.  I was pretty happy with the purchase, but now that I’m looking around I realize I didn’t just get a good deal, but an awesome great deal!

I found a reconditioned smart phone, from the phone company, not top of the line, but plenty good for only $20!  Has a full warranty and everything, and it is owned outright, not tied to any contract.  It is still available in store for $130, so we are very happy.  Yeah for us!  Were also able to transfer our current number and account with an upgrade of $15/month for unlimited everything!  This will save my “paper allergic” hubby so much time and grief.  Definitely felt directed.


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