Circle of Life

A few years back we started raising back yard chickens.  The experience has been rather eye opening, and rewarding.  Last night we had an egg dish, provided fresh from our yard.  It was delicious, healthy, inexpensive and the kids all enjoyed it.  What more can you ask from a meal?  When we began raising these chickens I had no idea just how good the eggs are for you.  I also had no idea how much we would learn about the circle of life.  We’ve lost a few birds along the way to predators, and one to an unknown illness or injury, but that too is a part of life.  It has been a great teaching opportunity.  The entire circle of life is an incredible miracle, and in my urban upbringing I have had few such opportunities to observe it first hand.  I’m excited to give this opportunity to my children.  (The eggs were great as well.)


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