Coincidences of Life

I sometimes wonder about coincidences.  I don’t know, is this a coincidence or something else?

Not to entirely brag, but my children are quite a bit more intelligent than average.  Just a lucky combination of genes or something, but they all are.  Anyhow, a few months back we rescued a puppy, just a random puppy off the internet.  I knew nothing about breeds, about this particular animal, nothing about even raising dogs.  It was just a spur of the moment thing because the timing felt right.  Now we have this puppy in obedience training to help both the puppy and us learn how to best live together.  The trainers are amazed at how quickly he is learning everything.  You show him a command and after the second or third time he has already learned it, and after 5 minutes he has it mastered.  They credit him with being mostly poodle, and I guess poodles are highly intelligent and trainable.  It has gotten to the point where I sort of feel badly for the other puppies in the class because he makes them all look so slow, and I’m sure they aren’t.  What are the odds that this particular dog ended up in this particular home?

This particular puppy is also very needy and constantly craves interaction with people.  What are the odds that he would end up in a home with a lot of children and other pets, where he is constantly surrounded by the people and attention he craves?  Very suspicious if you ask me!

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