Patience Deficiency

Last week I had to travel across the state to pick up my kids from college.  Long story short, a lot of things were just not coming together the way I had tried to plan them.  I spent a significant amount of time, worry and money to get things to all work out in the end.  Eventually everything went very smoothly, and a few things worked out better than I had planned.  I would even call it a wonderful trip.  I’m calling it, directing paths.

On the way home we were listening to a motivational speaker who pointed out that too often we do not understand the consequences of our choices simply because we fail to look far enough into the future.  I think the same holds true with our everyday faith.  If we had the ability to see far enough ahead to understand how things will really work out, we would be much more willing to allow the Lord to direct our daily paths, and much more appreciative of his hand in things.  We may even be grateful for our trials.  Of course that would make the test far too easy, so instead we struggle with lack of vision and serious deficiencies of patience.

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