Yesterday I made dinner for a family across the street.  As I went to take the meal over I asked one of my daughters to hold the food in the car and help me bring it in.  As she sat down in the car she leaned forward and the hot dish slipped out of her hands, landing upside-down on the floor of the car.  A complete loss. No way to salvage anything.

She was very upset.  I tried to comfort her, pointing out that at least the family was not expecting it, and we could just try again another day.  Still upset she pointed out that there was casserole for at least 6 people all over the car, and how in the world are we going to clean it all up.  She was still quite upset.  Upon further inspection I realized that all of the mess was located only on the floor mat, and none was on the car itself.  We decided to carefully remove the mat and go from there.  As soon as we got the mat removed we discovered that there were some flyers from the kid’s school that had been on the floor, and the entire mess (minus about 2 spoonfuls) was located completely on the flyers.  Flyers went in the trash, quickly wiped down the remaining traces, replaced the mat – everything was as good as new.



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