Help Available

As the end of the school year is approaching I am trying to finish up my homeschooling child.  With his ADD he often wanders in and out when he is supposed to be working, and doesn’t always return until  I remind him, and even then we wonder sometimes.  I went over the curriculum goals to be sure we are covering everything, and found a couple of areas that I need to review independent of the computer.  As I was outlining the areas we needed to cover I found a few that I was really rusty on.  As I worked on a plan, however, everything fell into place.  We found a place that offers a free research techniques class and signed him up for that.  One of his sisters is really good at math and will teach him some of the math concepts not covered on the computer.  Another sister is excited to cover grammar stuff because that is her thing.  Even his brother is joining in with helping cover technical analysis topics that are beyond me.

I heard someone theorize once that if everyone helped each other with the things that they are particularly good at, that most communities could be pretty much independent and self sufficient.  I’ve also heard that theory in regard to families and extended families.  Anyhow, it is great that I was able to find my son what he needed right now.



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