The Recruiter

J27 recruiter window


My son is anxious to sign up to join the military.  It has been 5 weeks that he has not been able to get a hold of the recruiter due to a number of factors.  Today I twisted his arm and convinced him to run errands with me just to get out of the house.  Since he was out he requested that we stop by and see if he could catch anyone in person.  It wasn’t really even in the same area I was, but we went anyway.


It was his “lucky day” and the recruiter was in.  We were able to get processed with about 20 minutes to spare before she left again.  Additionally, they are closing down some services that he needed for the summer and tomorrow is the last possible day he could get tested or he would have to wait the entire summer before enlisting.  They squeezed him in tomorrow by the skin of his teeth!



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