For part of our 4th of July celebrations we went on a 5 mile hike.  It is a hike that my son needed to do with the family because of a scouting activity that he missed.  We were up against a deadline, and were forced to do the hike in the middle of our heat wave.

We decided that we would all get up extra early (5:45am) and get a start in while it was still “cool.”  We picked a trail that traveled down by the river and had more shade than most hikes around here.  We hoped we could get most of the hike in before things really heated up.  We did good, and even the younger children were up and on the trail nice and early.   Because we were down lower we got a full hour in before the sun was fully up.  As we braced for the scorching sun, we began to notice that there were still a few thunderclouds lingering around that had rolled in the night before.  We had not gotten any rain to cool things down, but heavy thunderclouds were still there.  We were blessed with very heavy cloud cover for the entire of the hike.  As soon as we finished our hike the clouds left and the hot sun arrived.  We not only were able to comfortably finish our hike, but we didn’t even need sunscreen!

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