Be Prepared

English: First aid kit for a trip to rural Nic...

About a month ago I decided to update our first aid kits.  We have a new vehicle that did not have one yet, the car and home ones were more depleted than they should have been, we were heading off camping, and it just sounded like a good idea to make sure that everything was re-stocked.

Last week I had to leave town for a few days.  That meant I left everyone else home with Dad.  About an hour before I left my middle daughter came home from school with her pants pulled up above her knees and hobbling around.  She had fallen on the way to the bus and had gotten some large scrapes on her knee.  They were so large it actually put her into a little bit of shock, but the school had treated her, bandaged her up, and she was mostly okay.

I had just enough time before I left to check her wounds, clean them again, and give her instructions on how to care for them.  What she really needed was some super-sized bandages to help keep it clean while the huge scab was trying to form.  Fortunately I had just purchased an entire box of super-sized bandages for the first aid kit updates, and had several left over.  I realized that it was the first time in my 20 years of being a mom that I had actually purchased bandages that large.  Usually I just used what came in the first aid kits and bought new kits when needed.  This was the first time I had updated so many kits, so I had purchased an entire box of those bandages.  I was very relieved that we had what she needed and I didn’t need to take the time as I was getting on the road to go find bandages or dump yet another responsibility on Dad.  With all the options of things to put into the first aid kits, I was also glad I was prompted to get that exact size and style.  They were perfect.

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