Cell Phones & Televisions

My newly 16 year old daughter got a cell phone for her birthday and my life just got easier.  Today I am grateful for the miracles of technology and cell phones.  No more being left at school, or not being able to adjust to changes in extracurricular activities.  Hooray!  We can’t afford anything but bare bones for the phone, but hey, at least we can communicate when we need to.

As excited as we are for another cell phone in the family, we also decided to unplug the televisions.  It seems to be a never-ending struggle to keep up with technology and to make sure that it is being used appropriately.  We listened to a talk from a few years back about how far the television industry has pushed the boundaries of decency, and realized that it has escalated exponentially even since then.  Can’t justify even sitting through the commercials anymore.  Why waste any more time being slowly convinced that family, God and decency don’t really matter anymore?  I don’t really want my kids to grow up thinking that life is all about murder, violence, sex and materialism.  We only even watch a handful of programming anymore, and even those are not what I would consider faith promoting or family building.  Anyhow, that’s where we are today.

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