The Cold and Chickens

English: Chickens in the snow The chickens hav...

We have had record setting cold this last week or two.  The kids don’t even want to go outside to play.  As the snow slowly melts it is not much better because I have 2 ice cold rivers, and 3-6″ of standing water/ice in the back yard due to drainage issues through the unmelted snow.   Through all of this we have sadly neglected our poor chickens.  They don’t like walking in the snow, and their coop is intentionally drafty to help with ventilation.  They ran out of food, their treats kept freezing, and keeping unfrozen water for them had been neglected as well.  I am simply amazed they are all even alive!

(I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve even wondered if it would be better if some of them did die so the kids would learn they need to do their chores no matter what the weather.)

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