Blessings that come from paying a tithe are sometimes obvious, but more often I believe they are a lot less obvious.  Thanks to Elder Bednar for reminding us of that this last October.  There is no promise that we will not have financial trials, nor escape the worries that come with living in such a cash worshiping society.  The promise is that when we trust in God we will not be left in bondage nor will we be left alone once all is said and done.

My little observation for today is something that I believe is a testimony to that.  Long story short, both my husband and myself had a few unpaid weeks in December.  It was a little unsettling and more than a little tight, but not catastrophic.  We had been able to prepare Christmas early, and just needed to hold on until January.  During that time our dishwasher went out.  It had already been “fixed” five times that year and was completely finished.  I hate doing dishes by hand, and so do my kids, but with no other option and nine people in the home, we did a lot of dishes.  The cool part was that before we were able to get back to work in January and start collecting paychecks, we were still able to replace the dishwasher with absolutely no financial sacrifices on our part.  I love having a dishwasher again.  I know that how we found it, how it was paid for, and the relatively short time we did without were all direct consequences of paying the Lord his portion first.




2 thoughts on “Tithing

  1. Tithing? Or, giving?

    Leviticus 27:30-33 defines this tithe as a tenth of crops and animals in herds and flocks.
    Numbers 18 gives the ordinances, or instructions, for this tithe, and commands this tithe be taken to the Levites.
    Purpose of this tithe: to support the Levitical Priesthood.

    Deuteronomy 14:22-27: aka The Festival Tithe – a tenth of crops, plus add to that the firstborn animals, and take to the yearly feasts.
    Purpose of this tithe: “that thou mayest learn to fear the LORD thy God always”

    Deuteronomy 14:28-29: aka The Three-Year Tithe aka The Poor Tithe – a tenth of crops, kept at home, and invite the Levites, widows, orphans, stranger to eat.
    Purpose of this tithe: to feed the poor.

    Now, tell me. Which of the above three tithes commanded by God does anyone follow today?

    • Whereas I believe “giving” is super important, a tithe or “tenth” is actually something distinctly different, and more critical. As you pointed out, the Lord has repeatedly asked his followers to offer a tithe. The “Mormon” or LDS church follows this practice today. My tithe, or “10% of my increase,” as observed in today’s society, is paid to the church and distributed as shown below. It most closely follows the first two tithes you quote. I additionally observe a monthly fast where the money not spent on food for those meals is offered as a “fast offering” that then goes to feed the poor. It only makes sense to me that if God repeatedly gives such a commandment with such an important promise that he would want us to use it and benefit from it today as well. See Malachi 3:10 I think it is kind of exciting that we have a major religion that allows us to follow this law and receive its blessings. These blessings follow me always. This month was simply one example.

      Keep the Law of Tithing

      Tithing funds are used to do the

      • Construct temples, chapels, and other
      • Provide operating funds for the
      • Assist in funding the missionary
      • Prepare materials used in Church classes and
      • Perform temple and family history

      Giving back a part of what the Lord blesses us
      with lets us contribute to His work on earth. Paying tithing means giving a tenth of our
      income to the Church to be used for the work of God here on earth. Some people think it
      sounds like a hardship but it’s not—it’s a blessing. Since ancient times, God has asked his
      people to keep the law of tithing.

      Ten percent of our income may sound like a lot,
      especially to many of us who already feel like we’re living on the edge of our budgets. But
      if we keep the law of tithing God promises to “open you the windows of heaven, and
      pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it”


      A blessing can take on many forms. Sometimes we
      are simply blessed to be able to do more with less, to find ways to save money that don’t
      detract from our happiness. Often the simple act of taking ten percent out of our paycheck
      causes us to budget out the remaining ninety percent more carefully, and living by a budget
      always makes money go further. Whatever form the blessing takes, paying tithing reminds us
      that the things of God last longer than the things of the world. It helps to remember, also,
      that everything we have comes from God and we can show our gratitude to Him by giving a
      small part back.

      Read about specific commandments from God at Mormon.org.

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