Family History Work

I took a sick day yesterday and didn’t feel like doing anything except sitting down a the computer.  In an attempt to be a little productive I worked on my family history at   Two things struck me as interesting.

  1. First, it was interesting how much I drew on my high school programming class.  I had thought that the class had been a complete waste, all we really learned about was search techniques, sort techniques, and how the computer processes them.  Nothing I have ever really used, nor did I think I would need to use with the way computing has evolved.  In searching through databases of records myself, I think I was actually much more comfortable adjusting search parameters because of that.
  2. Second, I don’t know why, but I find myself worrying about all the babies who died young.  I want to make sure they are not forgotten.  They have no descendants to make sure their work is done and their names recorded, but I worry about them all the same.  Just further proof that they have a Father in Heaven who knows exactly who they are and who cares about them as well.

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