Good Deed Chain 2

A while back I volunteered to run an errand for a friend who gets rather busy. I knew I would be going past the store later that week and said I could stop. It was a Saturday, and I really didn’t feel like stopping, so I considered telling her I wouldn’t be able to make it. I also had another friend in that area I hadn’t checked on for a while, so I finally talked myself into both the errand and dropping off a small gift to the old friend.

Of course after I decided to take care of things it wasn’t a big deal.  I got the errand done, and found my friend wasn’t home, but left the small gift on her doorstep.

Driving to her home I drove past another store that I had been waiting for their case lot sale to start.  I found that they had just done a poor job of advertising, and the sale was on.  I was able to stop and stock up, saving $90 that day.  I also drove right past a yard sale that was cleaning up and offering everything for free to just get rid of it.  I was able to pick up several clothes and shoes for my large family for free.

I figure that I got well paid for that small errand.

It was also good timing for the gift, but sad to find out later that week that the friend who was not home had just had a major disaster happen in her family that day.

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