In the last two months, between the month before Christmas and now, I have had 3 children who either lost glasses, broke glasses, or developed a need for a first pair.  Our medical coverage pays for exam only, no lenses or frames.  We are just recovering from unemployment so one pair of glasses is a bit much, but three is even more.  Some extra money we were hoping for isn’t coming, so I started to stress.  I then got a letter in the mail saying that with the changes in healthcare law we were going to be put on a different plan in March that would cover glasses!  I wasn’t sure how some of them would be able to wait that long, but it was still good news.  Then I felt like I should go back and read the fine print.  In reading the fine print, because of where some of our kids birthdays fall, they should be able to move us to the new coverage early.  I made a call, and it is all done.  In just a few days all three of them will have full coverage for the glasses they need.

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