Sometimes I feel like I am helpless to combat all of the problems going on around me.  A personal goal I have is to not be helpless.  I have an acquaintance who is much older than me and going through a tough time with health problems.  I didn’t know what to do to help and encourage him, so I prayed about it.   After receiving an answer of a small thing that I could do, I simply wrote a quick note of support and encouragement.  Men, and especially older men, don’t ever like to show that they need support or help.  I figured it wouldn’t hurt, but if it helped a little than I did something.  Then yesterday, he shared just a small little positive thing in his life, and I realized that my quick note of encouragement was directly related.  Maybe I did a small something to lighten his load?  It may not have been much, but if it touched him, I was not powerless to help out.  Who can you encourage today?

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