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Latter-day Saints believe in the resurrected Jesus Christ(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When Jesus was here on earth, one of the things that set him apart were the miracles that surrounded him and those who followed Him.  My faith in Christ is a living faith.  It is one based in modern prophets and apostles.  It is a faith that is continually growing and developing.  It is a faith that involves an understanding and gratitude for the power of the priesthood.  The priesthood is the authority to act in the name of God, and that authority has been restored in modern times through Joseph Smith.  It is the priesthood that contains the power to work miracles.  But that is not the type of miracles that I will be writing about daily.

As a Mormon I believe in miracles.  The Book of Mormon gives me insight as to why we seem to have fewer miracles today, and teaches me to have faith in them.  Our Articles of Faith talk about our belief in gifts of tongues, healings, etc.  We don’t discuss these things that often partly because they are sacred, but also partly because we feel uncomfortable believing in something we see as so far outside of what we see as

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The Book of Mormon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I know that God watches over me every day.  Unfortunately I forget it far too easily.  This leads me to be too hard on myself, to feel too alone, and to be far too ungrateful.

I know that God sends others to help me on my way.  He has people watching over me on both sides of the veil.  I also forget that.  The problem with forgetting that is that I also forget to be that person to others.  When I am consumed with self doubt and self pity I fail to see the opportunities around me to help others.

By finding the every day helps from above I will better be able to live a positive, helpful, faith filled life.   My posts are daily, and some days may be just a little coincidence, and in others there will be greater interventions.

These posts have become much more personal than I expected.  I have not been blessed with many of the temporal things that generally make our lives easier.  Because of that I do need to trust in my Savior more than I expected I would need to in my life.  I guess that is an unexpected blessing in and of itself.  I am finding a need to stop dismissing the Hand of the Lord in my life just so I look like I have it all together.

Thank you for those of you who have been an example of the believers in my life.  Special thanks to those who are willing to acknowledge their nothingness before God to help me see His miracles in their lives as well.


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