Priesthood Power

One of the wonderful things about our religion is our claim to the biblical priesthood power, or the authority to act in the name of God.  This includes the gift of healing.  A gift my husband, her father, holds.

As we were preparing to be flown to SLC, we knew that it must be serious and we made arrangements to give her a blessing.  In that blessing she was promised that she would have a complete recovery.  It seemed very reasonable at the time.  We went on with the events that unfolded, comforted in the knowledge that all would end well.  It gave us great strength to know she would pull through.

Once she had had her initial evaluation and surgery, the doctor came out and said the exact same words, that he expected a full recovery.  As things progress and we have our ups and downs there are days that I wonder if a complete recovery is still possible.  It is testing my faith and I am sure hers as well, but deep down in I believe we know all will be well.  What a gift.

Part 2

The next week was a maze of doctors visits, instacare visits, ER visits, and consultations with more doctors.  She was “diagnosed” with all the common problems but didn’t respond to anything.  She developed a mystery rash, and every explanation was given, but not supported by the lab work.   The only other possibility was linked to a new medication that she was taking, and there was the possibility that she may be developing an incredibly rare syndrome that was so rare most doctors in our area had only seen it once, if they had seen it at all.  We were told not to worry about it because it was really, really unlikely.  Not only that you would know it if you had it because your skin would start falling off.  Yes, we had the right rash, but no skin was falling off.

As we treated the symptoms and nothing seemed to help. I became unusually concerned.  Even Katie became unusually concerned.  I had downloaded a new song to learn on the piano that brought me great peace.  It was an arrangement of “Be Still My Soul.”  I played it often.  I felt myself having less and less interest in daily activities as I began to focus on Katie.  The Lord was preparing us for a horrific experience.  It was late Thursday night when we noticed the most disturbing symptoms yet.  Katie’s mouth was too inflamed and pussy to eat or drink.  She had completely lost any sense of taste, and she did develop some blisters that were the first definitive sign that we were probably looking at Stevens Johnsons Syndrome, and yes, pieces of her skin may begin to fall off soon.  It was disturbing, but in retrospect, that week had prepared us emotionally.



Thought I’d share a quote from Jeff Foxworthy.


“We sing about God because we believe in him.  We are not trying to offend anybody, but the evidence we have seen of Him in our small little lives trumps your opinion about whether or not He exists.”


Other People’s Miracles

I’m not sure the best way to re-blog this article from “The Blaze,” but I really wanted to share it anyway.  Here is a link to their article “Eight life-defining moments that will take your breath away (PHOTOS)”  or you can get it through my face book page.


I recently inherited a dining room set from my grandmother.  As the set was pulled out of storage, it showed signs of wear and tear, but was structurally in good shape.  One of the things that needed to be replaced were the seat covers.  My poor aunt was embarrassed about the condition of the seat covers and offered to buy some fabric.  Instead I told her we could just wait until I got the entire set transported.  (I live 4 hours away.)  As the last load was being delivered I decided to go through a box of odds and ends fabric that I had picked up at a yard sale a few months back.  In all the scraps were some squares of neutral colored upholstery fabric.  As I pulled them out, someone had cut them into squares that looked about the right size for the seats I was getting.  I decided to do a test square.  It fits exactly.  I have all the fabric I need, pre-cut, ready to go.  It took me about 15 minutes to do the entire first chair.  And yes, there is just enough fabric for the entire set.

Getting Back Up

My husband lost his job, again.  It was devastating, again.

The day before they let him go I had just paid the rest of the bills for the month.  The very next work day he got a phone call that someone needed a piano tune that afternoon, so we have gas money for another week as well.  It isn’t a replacement, but I do think it is evidence and hope that the Lord will get us through until the next thing comes along.  Hope brings faith, faith brings miracles?

Medical Advances

Obviously there have been many miraculous advances in medicine in general.  Today I am grateful for the availability that we have to access those advances.  My family suffers from multiple mental health issues.  While much of the research is still in its infancy, we are a lot further along than we were even 20 years ago.  I am preparing to attend a full day workshop to learn how to manage the effects of these illnesses.  I am excited for the information that will be available to me.


In the last two months, between the month before Christmas and now, I have had 3 children who either lost glasses, broke glasses, or developed a need for a first pair.  Our medical coverage pays for exam only, no lenses or frames.  We are just recovering from unemployment so one pair of glasses is a bit much, but three is even more.  Some extra money we were hoping for isn’t coming, so I started to stress.  I then got a letter in the mail saying that with the changes in healthcare law we were going to be put on a different plan in March that would cover glasses!  I wasn’t sure how some of them would be able to wait that long, but it was still good news.  Then I felt like I should go back and read the fine print.  In reading the fine print, because of where some of our kids birthdays fall, they should be able to move us to the new coverage early.  I made a call, and it is all done.  In just a few days all three of them will have full coverage for the glasses they need.

Good Deed Chain 2

A while back I volunteered to run an errand for a friend who gets rather busy. I knew I would be going past the store later that week and said I could stop. It was a Saturday, and I really didn’t feel like stopping, so I considered telling her I wouldn’t be able to make it. I also had another friend in that area I hadn’t checked on for a while, so I finally talked myself into both the errand and dropping off a small gift to the old friend.

Of course after I decided to take care of things it wasn’t a big deal.  I got the errand done, and found my friend wasn’t home, but left the small gift on her doorstep.

Driving to her home I drove past another store that I had been waiting for their case lot sale to start.  I found that they had just done a poor job of advertising, and the sale was on.  I was able to stop and stock up, saving $90 that day.  I also drove right past a yard sale that was cleaning up and offering everything for free to just get rid of it.  I was able to pick up several clothes and shoes for my large family for free.

I figure that I got well paid for that small errand.

It was also good timing for the gift, but sad to find out later that week that the friend who was not home had just had a major disaster happen in her family that day.


Blessings that come from paying a tithe are sometimes obvious, but more often I believe they are a lot less obvious.  Thanks to Elder Bednar for reminding us of that this last October.  There is no promise that we will not have financial trials, nor escape the worries that come with living in such a cash worshiping society.  The promise is that when we trust in God we will not be left in bondage nor will we be left alone once all is said and done.

My little observation for today is something that I believe is a testimony to that.  Long story short, both my husband and myself had a few unpaid weeks in December.  It was a little unsettling and more than a little tight, but not catastrophic.  We had been able to prepare Christmas early, and just needed to hold on until January.  During that time our dishwasher went out.  It had already been “fixed” five times that year and was completely finished.  I hate doing dishes by hand, and so do my kids, but with no other option and nine people in the home, we did a lot of dishes.  The cool part was that before we were able to get back to work in January and start collecting paychecks, we were still able to replace the dishwasher with absolutely no financial sacrifices on our part.  I love having a dishwasher again.  I know that how we found it, how it was paid for, and the relatively short time we did without were all direct consequences of paying the Lord his portion first.