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A wonderful story of a miracle thanks to a mother’s prayer.  Shared from The Blaze  and  great miracle story.

Gone too Far

I had an eventful Sunday.  The power transformer next our church building blew and caught fire.  The fire department was just down the street and everything was under control quickly.  We did evacuate the building for safety reasons, but no one was hurt.  Really it was no big deal.

It used to be that people would blame God if their houses were struck by lightning or burned down.  As we have come to better understand how the elements work together we understand that there are things that we can do to mitigate some of the effects of the elements.  As we have become more prosperous we have the resources to provide disaster services to our communities.  We understand that there is no need to assume that it is only God is punishing us when things do happen.  However, perhaps we have gone too far.  When we are able to prevent disaster we congratulate ourselves.  Instead I believe we have even more reason to thank God for the understanding and resources we have that allow us to prevent so much damage.  We have the unfortunate tendencies to blame God for the ills of life, but turn around and congratulate ourselves for our understanding of how to mitigate them.  We forget that He has given us the understanding, and we need to thank him constantly for the benefits we receive.


September Spring

English: River Bladnoch. High water on the Riv...

I went for my walk this morning, but had some extra time so we walked down by the river.  I was excited to see what was going on down there.  The last time I had been there about a month or so ago, it was almost completely dry as it often is during summer.  These last few weeks it has been raining and raining.  I was not disappointed.  Not only was the river full, but all of the plants were thriving and happy.  Even the flowers were out and blooming.  I saw probably 10 different types of wildflowers in full bloom.  It looked like spring had come again.

I think water is one of the many evidences we have that God exists.  The scriptures use much imagery about God and water.  It brings life, it even takes life.  It enables growth, and it is something that no one can live without.  Without going into an entire sermon, I think that all the water around us is one of those many evidences of God’s goodness that is too abundant to ignore.

Flash Flooding

English: Flash flood in the Gobi of Mongolia, 2004


We have had a lot of rain this last month.  A lot of rain for our area anyway, and with that has come multiple flash flood warnings, and many flash floods in our town.  Mostly it is just large amounts of water that wash through the waterways, overflow them and pull large quantities of topsoil downhill with it.  We have had some basements flooded, some driveways washed away, and many streets and parking lots under several inches of mud.  I am very grateful that despite flooding to both the east and west of us that we have been unaffected.



Fire and Rain

Fire Dancing


Tuesday night we went to a big Luau with dignitaries and professional Polynesian dancers (and of course food!)  We had a great evening, even if it was outdoors.  Much to everyone’s relief, the weather decided to cooperate and there was heavy cloud cover providing much needed relief from the summer sun.  As the evening went on and the dancers came out, they were performing at a little outdoor pavilion, and then they concluded the performance a little after dark with a fire dance.  I love the fire dances.  The problem came when that much appreciated cloud cover decided to start spewing lightning strikes during the fire dance.  Fortunately it waited until after they put out the final flame, and all of 10 seconds later it started pouring.  Great timing.


More weather

We took a quick trip down to Las Vegas this last weekend.  On the way there we got a call telling us to be careful because there was a severe thunderstorm in progress, and if we hit the thunderstorm we needed to pull off the road.  I checked the internet, and yes, a severe storm was in progress, with multiple flash floods in effect.  They were set to expire about the time we rolled into town, so we went anyway – and had no problems.  We could see the lightning from the storm most of the way, but all it did was provide some entertainment.

On the way home the next day, we were driving north, and apparently the storm had made its way that direction as well.  As we approached the narrow pass through the mountains we realized that we had caught up with the cell, and just off to our right we could see the cloud just dumping a ton of water to the ground.  We began to worry that we would be caught in the narrow, winding roads just when the rain hit and flash flood conditions while we were in the river valley.  Fortunately, although we could see that portion just beside us, the bulk of the storm passed just to the east of the pass and we got a total of about 10 drops of water!  Phew.  We arrived home to see that the majority of the storm had reached home before us.  We had a wet lawn, a blown down fence, a minor mudslide that took out our dutch oven pit, and the power had gone out, but at least we were not caught in the canyon with that type of downpour!



For part of our 4th of July celebrations we went on a 5 mile hike.  It is a hike that my son needed to do with the family because of a scouting activity that he missed.  We were up against a deadline, and were forced to do the hike in the middle of our heat wave.

We decided that we would all get up extra early (5:45am) and get a start in while it was still “cool.”  We picked a trail that traveled down by the river and had more shade than most hikes around here.  We hoped we could get most of the hike in before things really heated up.  We did good, and even the younger children were up and on the trail nice and early.   Because we were down lower we got a full hour in before the sun was fully up.  As we braced for the scorching sun, we began to notice that there were still a few thunderclouds lingering around that had rolled in the night before.  We had not gotten any rain to cool things down, but heavy thunderclouds were still there.  We were blessed with very heavy cloud cover for the entire of the hike.  As soon as we finished our hike the clouds left and the hot sun arrived.  We not only were able to comfortably finish our hike, but we didn’t even need sunscreen!