Spring Break

We have an early spring break, in fact, it starts today!  I have been a little worried that it may still be quite cold outside and we will not be able to enjoy anything outdoors.  Fortunately our spring weather arrived yesterday, just in time, and it looks like it is here to stay.  Looks like a beautiful spring break for us!  I think I’ll take the entire break off.  🙂  Enjoy the outdoors.


(Sorry, this was scheduled for the 8th.  Hmmm.)


Glastonbury 2005 - kid in mud


Maybe another post I’ll go into more thought about the sheer power of waterGrand Canyon, etc.  Today it did a number on my backyard.


Ever added water to dry clay?  That is my backyard.  We’re having trouble growing anything in it, so a section is just dirt.  Yesterday we got some light snow/rain.  (Doesn’t rain much here, snows yearly.)  Now my backyard area is one huge mud puddle.  Over the summer I spent hours trying to re-level it for landscaping preparation, but it was like chiseling bricks.  Now I’ll just run a rake or something over it and it will be good for the summer – if the kids stay off.  I guess a little rain is more powerful than I am.  Should have used water over the summer, but the mess is too much for me.



More Technology! Part 3



3.  My husband trumps all of us.  His evening job involves conferencing with people all over the world on multiple continents and teaching them English.  I’d say he “travels” further for work, but really he just hangs out at home.  He definitely meets a wider variety of individuals than the rest of us combined!




My mind has recently been resting on a scripture in Handel‘s Messiah, – I mean from Isaiah.  It is the part where it talks about how “all flesh shall see him together.”  When I was a child that phrase was relegated to the – we don’t understand it, but God probably knows what he is doing – realm.  Today it is absolutely conceivable that all the ends of the earth will be able to see and hear him come in real time, with no mystic divine intervention needed at all.  Miracles anyone?





English: Taken by me in 2006. This is a photo ...


I am ready to start posting new miracles every day again, rather than just every week.  I’m so grateful for this particular one, but a year ago I probably would have dismissed it and not even given it a second thought.


Yesterday I woke up rather cold.  I knew it was forecasted to be a colder day, but that shouldn’t have effected the internal temperature.  When I checked the thermostat, it was registering well below where it was programmed to be. The heater wasn’t running either.  I watched for a while as the system would start to come on, flash an error code, then turn off.  I hurried in to the computer to look up what that particular error code meant.  It was a vague, non-helpful, could be pretty much anything code.


My mind filled with questions, how much would it cost us, should we call someone out on a Sunday, how cold would we really get, should we cancel the dinner party at our house that afternoon?  We decided just to use the space heaters for a while and get to church on time.  That needed to be the priority.  My husband unplugged the furnace and made breakfast.  I turned off the system, put a space heater by the shower, and got everyone ready.


When we came home the space heaters had done a decent job and it wasn’t too cold.  We restarted the system and — everything is working fine again.  Woke up this morning nice and toasty too.




Picture of a seven week old miniature poodle pup

Okay, back from vacation.

In an interesting turn of events this week, we have a new family member.  Potter.  Let me preface with I am NOT an animal person.  My daughter IS, but I am NOT.  Read on, and I’ll show you where I found the miracle.

On Monday we went into the extra bedroom to find the hamster cage on the floor, cage popped wide open, a very guilty looking cat locked in the room, and no hamster anywhere to be found.  We had an afternoon of tears.  The hamster was special because she was a “consolation prize,” but other than that, not especially loved or important.  Our daughter really wanted a dog, but Mom and Dad and sister don’t even like dogs, so we settled on the hamster.

That evening, out of the blue, someone offered us a free puppy.  Long story short, it felt right so we got him.  It looks like he will work out just fine, and much to my surprise I even like him!

What Potter (our new miniature Poodle-Pom puppy) has taught me this week is just how much God loves all of his creations.  I think our hamster died so that we would find the right dog at the right time.  He was given away because he was not really wanted, and not overly well taken care of.  I get the impression that he is very grateful to be with us.  It obvious that he loves people, and we have many people in our house to get to know.

When I took him outside yesterday to introduce him to the chickens,  he even was nice to them.  I got the overwhelming impression that they would accept him as much as he had already accepted them.  (Just sniffed at them and drank their water.  Then let them chase his ball.)  I also got an overwhelming impression that all of these crazy animals that we have at our home (9 chickens, 2 cats, 1 goldfish, and now 1 dog) actually were important in the eyes of their Maker.  I felt that he had given them to us, firstly because we were willing to take them, but also because it was important for them to be taken care of by us.  I understood that He loved those “stupid” little animals as well.

Maybe the miracle should be that he will get along with the chickens, but there was a definite lesson for me that God loved this little poodle specifically.  And the chickens.  I knew that, but at the same time, I didn’t really.

Year End Thoughts

Before I share one last miracle for this year, I just wanted to mention a few things I have learned with this project.  I always knew that the only way I have made it through this life is through assistance from my Savior.  I also thought I understood that He helped me daily.  It wasn’t until I started documenting these things that I have realized how completely blessed I really am.  As I take a break to celebrate this Christmas season, I just wanted to share a quick scripture.


  • Isaiah 55:9

    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.


Just because God does not bless us out of our current trials does not mean that He has stopped paying attention to us.  Just because He doesn’t prevent us from learning doesn’t mean He doesn’t shower us with gifts.


Anyway, today you get a longer story than I’ve done for a while.  It is yet another DI/thrift store find.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have all but stopped shopping at our DI because the quality of the items is so low, and the selection so poor.  Being the shopping season, however, I stopped in last week to look for a few Christmas items.


As I was looking around I noticed a large collection of air purification machines.  There were about 20 of them.  Our daughter recently developed some complications from allergies we didn’t know she had.  My husband and other daughter have sensitive lungs.  Another son has had some recurring health problems we have not been able to figure out, but we’ve wondered if there is something in the home that triggers them.  We live in an old and poorly constructed home that is extremely dusty and has poor circulation.  We had purchased air purification devices in the past, but had little success with them.  They are expensive to purchase, then require constant expensive filter changes to continue to work properly – and with little to no noticeable results.  I looked at one of the nicer machines sitting at DI, but decided I was not about to pay the $50 to see if the larger systems worked any better – assuming it even still worked.   I did feel that I should ask my husband’s opinion, however, because he is the one that has been really bothered by the air quality issues.


I forgot to mention it to him that night.  I knew that by the time I could go back the next week anything decent and in working condition would most likely be gone.  I decided to mention it to him anyway, because I am trying to act on every prompting I receive.  He was immediately interested and asked me to go back the following week and see what was left.  He has actually been earning a little more recently, and said it would be important enough to him that he would purchase new filters as well if I could find a good machine.  He even approved the $50 price tag if the machine looked like it would work.  I didn’t want to spend that much on an unproven, used device.


Despite my personal hesitations, I decided I would probably enjoy a quick shopping trip anyway, and went over to DI shortly after they opened Monday morning.  Almost all of the devices were gone.  There were only 2 left.  One looked very old, and the other one was the $50 one.  I checked out the cheaper one and decided I probably couldn’t even get filters for it if it did still work.  As I walked over to the expensive one, I started to get a little more excited.  It had all the bells and whistles, a working remote, multi-day auto programming, etc.  They had also dropped the price to $25.  All I needed to do was plug it in and make sure it turned on.  The plug was missing.  And it wasn’t a standard plug in.  Probably why it wasn’t sold.


One of the items I had planned to look for that trip anyway was a cord for another Christmas gift.  I practically ran over to the section that housed the cords.  I didn’t find the common cord I was originally looking for, but after about 10 minutes, and going through practically everything else there, I found the one for the air unit.  The non-standard cord that fit perfectly.  I plugged it in and it turned on.  There was even a sensor telling me it needed new filters.  I was prepared for that, so I went ahead and purchased the unit.


When I got it home, we looked it up on the internet to see if we could find filters.  Good news and bad news.  Bad news, the filter itself cost $60.  Good news, this was a top of the line, super duper high quality upgraded unit that retails for over $900!  We were so excited we decided to test the unit out with the old filter in.   Even with the used filter, within 5 minutes we could all tell a significant difference in our air quality.  (Unpaid testimonial:  rolled it into a bedroom where we have chronic bed wetting issues, and in about 10 minutes the smell had disappeared!)


I am so excited for our new filter to arrive, we will be using this unit heavily.  I am obviously excited, but the kids are at least as excited as I am.  And we still don’t know just how much this is going to help our family.


Part of me can’t believe how blessed I’ve been this year, but the other part of me suspects that if we really understood that God is behind all these little things, we would be able to see His hand in all of our lives at least this much.  It is simply a matter of gratitude, thanksgiving, and perspective.  “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”


Merry Christmas everyone!


English: The IQAir Air Purification System (Sw...



Blue Sky

It’s raining here.  Usually we just get a drop or two, but right now it is pouring.  Saw the coolest sight on the way home this morning.  Big, gray, heavy clouds covered the entire sky, except for one little spot above my home.  I couldn’t find my camera before it went away, but right above me was a spot of clear blue sky.  Silver lined storm clouds opened up just enough to see all the way up to the clearest blue sky.

Looking for miracles, my thought was this.  We know that God is an unchanging God.  Yet some days we look at life and all we see are storm clouds and we think to ourselves, that’s not the God I expect.  Just because there are storm clouds, thunder, lightening, and rain, doesn’t mean that just above them we don’t have the same, unchanging, constant blue sky.  I think pilots see this phenomenon all the time, but it was fun to see a tiny piece of blue above my home today.


Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Zion National Park in Utah

The Virgin River Narrows The Virgin River Narrows (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Zion National Park

Zion National Park (Photo credit: Markusnl)

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah

Collared lizard in Zion National Park, Utah (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today my daughter is going on a field trip to Zion National Park, in southern Utah.  It is a spectacular and beautiful place to visit.  Very peaceful and full of nature.

There is so much to see, and there is something for everyone.  One person may visit Zions and see a bird haven.  Another may see simply a desert.  Yet another may want to analyze the geology of the area.  Any way you enjoy the view, stop and give thanks to God for the sheer beauty and wonder of it all. For me, there is almost too much to learn in a beautiful place like this.

Here are some fun links to the official site.  Anyone who is homeschooling, or even if you just have time on the weekend to spend with your family, they now have virtual tours, e-hikes, and live webcams.  Even though we live relatively close, I think we will still enjoy some of the more exotic reaches of the park virtually!  Amazing multimedia for an amazing piece of land.


e-hike   (enjoy panaramic 360’s, nature views & sounds, experience advanced climbs, experience a beautiful sunrise, etc. , but don’t leave your seat!)

Tour with a ranger

Live WebcamsEnglish: Zion Canyon at sunset in Zion Nationa...

City Girl I Guess


Local Honey: Berlin


I guess I was just raised a city girl.  Bought some fresh, local honey from a neighbor yesterday – and it is heavenly.  I can’t get over how wonderful fresh fruit, produce, and yes HONEY are.  My kids are so excited.  I think Jeremy will want to have the entire thing himself.  I should have got him some for his birthday!


I was told in a blessing that my children and I would enjoy the better things of life.  That obviously wasn’t financial security or wealth, but we do rather enjoy some rather spectacular other things in life.



Fresh Fruit!

English: Vicar of Winkfield pears, a very old ...

Stopped by a neighbor’s house today and picked up fresh pears.  No one in our house really likes pears.  We never buy them at the store.  We do sometimes eat them from cans, but mostly for variety.

Anyhow, everyone loves these.  There is something so much better about fresh fruit right off the tree.  Fresh anything right off the tree or the vine is so much better than what we get in stores.  It even tastes noticeably different.

Anyhow, just saying that fruits and veggies in season, fresh from the grower is something science can’t duplicate.  It can analyze the content, but it can not make a canned fruit taste like one right off the tree.  Not that I’m anti-science, I’m just pointing out another everyday miracle we take for granted.