Wet Paper

We were visiting teaching this morning and had one new sister we had not gotten a hold of yet.  When my partner reached in her purse to call her again, water had spilled all over everything.  The paper and information were completely wet and blurred.  The only thing that was dry was a little spot that contained a completely legible phone number, and most of a first name.  We had what we needed!

Murphey’s Law Reversed

We only get rain a few days a year here.  When we do it is often at night.  This creates an occasional problem because I consistently neglect my dried out and heat battered windshield wipers.  Then when it does rain, I can’t see, but it doesn’t last long so I just drive carefully, promise myself I’ll remember to replace them this time, then forget for another six months.

We did our safety inspection early this year, and I actually remembered to replace my wipers rather than get another warning.  This was all one week before it rained!

Coincidences of Life

I sometimes wonder about coincidences.  I don’t know, is this a coincidence or something else?

Not to entirely brag, but my children are quite a bit more intelligent than average.  Just a lucky combination of genes or something, but they all are.  Anyhow, a few months back we rescued a puppy, just a random puppy off the internet.  I knew nothing about breeds, about this particular animal, nothing about even raising dogs.  It was just a spur of the moment thing because the timing felt right.  Now we have this puppy in obedience training to help both the puppy and us learn how to best live together.  The trainers are amazed at how quickly he is learning everything.  You show him a command and after the second or third time he has already learned it, and after 5 minutes he has it mastered.  They credit him with being mostly poodle, and I guess poodles are highly intelligent and trainable.  It has gotten to the point where I sort of feel badly for the other puppies in the class because he makes them all look so slow, and I’m sure they aren’t.  What are the odds that this particular dog ended up in this particular home?

This particular puppy is also very needy and constantly craves interaction with people.  What are the odds that he would end up in a home with a lot of children and other pets, where he is constantly surrounded by the people and attention he craves?  Very suspicious if you ask me!

More Car stuff

Keeping used cars running takes a little money, and a lot of luck.  It also takes more knowledge and experience than I have, so this next post is probably more about saving me from my own ignorance than anything else.

We have an extra car sitting in our garage.  I personally see no need to have more cars than drivers, but we held on to it because it was paid for and we will have extra drivers home for the summer, and a new driver a few months after that.  It had been running really rough and not always shifting properly, but it would be good one day, bad the next.  Then the silly alarm system kept going off at all hours, so we finally just disconnected the battery.  Since then it has been sitting, gathering dust, with a flat tire as a bonus.  What a waste of garage space I thought.

Decided it was time to see if it would run again or not – basically registration is coming up.  Hubby pulled the tire, found a large nail, and got that fixed.  Then he pulled out the battery that was no longer holding the charge, found it well past its life expectancy, and replaced it.  For the price of a flat repair and new battery I feel like we have a new vehicle!  We still need to test it out further, but it looks like the bad battery was probably the cause of all the sporadic issues we were having.  Go figure.


The St. George Utah Temple (formerly the St. G...

The St. George Utah Temple (formerly the St. George Temple) is the first temple completed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after the forced exodus from Nauvoo, Illinois, within two years of the death of Joseph Smith, Jr. Located in the city of St. George, Utah, it was designed by Truman O. Angell and is more similar in its design to the Nauvoo Temple than to later LDS temples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just last Wednesday I took my son to the St. George temple to do some baptisms for the dead. (See here)  It took us over 2 hours to do 5 names each.  We had more family names, but due to the volume of people also waiting, we were asked to keep it to 5 each.  Others also had stacks of family names they were asked to limit.  The poor workers were doing everything they could to keep up with the rush of people.  I had thought that going in the middle of the day, middle of the week that it would not be that bad.  The workers told us they had been this busy for weeks and expected the rush (about 50 people the entire time) to continue through the spring.  The last time we went we went at 7am on a holiday weekend, but it was crowded then as well.  Even our youth groups are only invited to come once or twice a year.  No one wants to complain that it is too crowded at the temple, but it really is!

As we sat and waited, and waited, we were able to really enjoy the spirit and atmosphere inside the temple.  Jeremy leaned over and expressed a desire that instead of just sitting, he wished he had the option of wandering the rooms and halls of the temple to more fully enjoy his experience.  We realized that he has never been to a temple open house.  We spoke about what an experience that would be for him.

Needless to say, we were super excited when it was announced in conference over the weekend that southern Utah is getting an additional temple!!!  It is planned for Cedar City, the other primary population center that we share the St. George temple with.  Now Jeremy will get his wish of walking through the temple and enjoying the spirit and the building and attending an open house!

See where other LDS temples are located – and view photos.

Simple Stuff

A few days ago I was trying to get a hold of someone who had recently moved to my area to bring them something.  I didn’t know their name or phone number or address, just basically who they were.  They didn’t know who I was or that I wanted to get a hold of them.

Wednesday an old friend called me asking for a favor.  I was busy and was going to let voice mail get it, but felt I should answer anyway.  I haven’t contacted this particular friend for a while, but she was looking for someone to help out with a project that happened to involve the first person I needed to get a hold of.  She needed me to bring them something else, so she called me up and gave me the name and address that I was looking for, without even knowing I had been wanting that information.

Have a Good Friday!

A little busy today.  Tonight I host a gaggle of pre-teen girls.  Wish me luck!

Curious what everyone’s opinions on sleepovers are.  I guess they can be pretty dangerous things, but they can also be quite fun.  My 11 year old and I decided she could host a sleepover for her party.  Invites were sleepover with parental approval (abt 50/50 from the parents), but whoever was still here after 10:30 gets to go to sleep.  We’ll see how that goes.

I have noticed that when I get too busy, distracted, or worried.  I don’t see miracles as easily.  I guess today’s would be that while hubby was realizing he was stood up for an appointment to tune a piano, another call came in and he was able to fit them in that exact time spot.  Things work out.



I have the blackest thumb in town.  Yet, there is one – and only one – flower I have not managed to kill yet.  We have some lilac bushes in our side yard.  They are not thriving, but they are not dead either.  They bloom for one week a year.  They started blooming this week.  It looks like we may have lilac’s in bloom this year for Easter.  How fun!

lilac Syringa vulgaris in bloom

Car Blessings PT. 2

English: shuttle van, Leslie Street Spit

Okay, so for our trip we opted last minute for the rental.  We needed at least 7 seats, so a mini-van was our only option.  For some reason the mini-vans always seem to be rented at least a month in advance, and I had less than 24 hours to find something.  I hit the internet, searching through all 3 car rental places in town, and prayed.  Finally I found a place that actually had a mini-van available, and for a reasonable price!  Relieved, I quickly made the reservation online and put that worry out of my mind.

The next morning, as we were getting ready to leave, the rental company called us and explained that there had been a problem with their online reservation system, and there weren’t really any mini-vans available.  What they were able to do, however, was give us a free upgrade to a 15 passenger van for the same price.  We didn’t really need that many seats, but we needed a vehicle.  We accepted and it turned out great!  Everyone had all the space they could possibly need on our trip, and there was very little complaining.  Most of them could even stretch out and sleep in the seat they had to themselves.  As a bonus, the kids were so far behind us they didn’t even bother asking every 5 minutes if we were there yet.

My largest worry was the increase in the amount of gas that this vehicle would use.  When everything was said and done, however, we somehow still came in under our gas budget for the trip, so things turned out great.

Time and Perspective

Every March I hold a contest for my piano students.  It is the time of year they start getting too busy or lazy to stay on top of their practice, so I just need to give them a little push.  My children are no exception to the lazy bug, and it helps them as much as anyone.

Yesterday I was explaining to my son how the practice contest was going to work, the prizes, and what he was supposed to work on.  It was too much, he didn’t want to practice, he couldn’t do it, he wanted to give up before he even started.  That evening I set out the song he was working on and his practice chart and just left it on the piano.  Looking for a way to get out of going to bed, he gravitated over to his music.  Suddenly he remembered how much he actually liked the song he was learning, and sat down to practice, doing everything he had been asked to, and more.  This morning, first thing, he has already gotten to work and finished learning the song that he had been putting off for months!

We all know that time changes things, incentives change, and so does perspective.  If I had forgotten that concept, and gotten caught up in the negative emotions of the moment, I would have decided that working with this child was not possible and that it would take a miracle to get him to even try.  Patience, time, and change can allow things to happen that we would have previously considered impossible.  I believe this is one way miracles happen.  It is not because the impossible has occurred, but because time and patience have occurred.