Fathers Day

I know Father’s Day was a while ago, but I have an entire list of miracles I am slowly getting around to recording.

Fathers Day Katie was in the hospital medically sedated with a breathing tube stuck down her throat.  We made arrangements to have her sister and grandmother visit, knowing Katie wouldn’t be awake or remember anything.  We brought a laptop so we could skype with Dad, who was still at home with the other kids, and at least wish him a Happy Father’s Day.  As we walked into the room we were surprised to find Katie alert and awake.  She had the opportunity to acknowledge her visitors, and see her Dad via computer for Fathers Day.  She wept tears of sorrow as she realized she couldn’t speak to him because of the breathing tube, but I think there were also some tears of joy that she had not completely missed seeing her father on this special day.  I know it was special to her father as well.


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