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Les’ Miracle

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After 12 years of consistent, diligent writing of a series of novels, my husband Les e-published his first book this week;   The Eye of the Sun Part 1 of Blackwood: Legends of the Forest.  I didn’t think he would ever get around to publishing as he was dead set against even submitting his work, even after all of these years.  It’ a magical fantasy series.  He finally took the leap and self published to Amazon Kindle.

It’s a large accomplishment for anyone, but for someone with his level of ADD to finally finish a project of that size is pretty amazing in and of itself.  I give Les full credit for accomplishing that task.  (Even if he did so at the expense of some other pretty important priorities.)  He also did all the web presence himself – another huge project, which I see this morning isn’t quite as finished as he thought.

Here’s the miraculous part.  One sold last night.

You can see his site here.

You can see his sale page here.