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Lost Sheep

We are sending our boys off to a Father’s and Son’s camp out this weekend.  One thing we try to do when this yearly event happens is to keep an eye out for boys who would like to go, but have no one to take them.  This year is going to be a bit more work than we expected, but we are happy to make sure these boys have the opportunity to go.  With four extra boys, plus three of his own, I hope dear hubby is up for it!  Here are their stories.  They always make me grateful for what I do have.

  1. We have a family that occasionally goes to this event with us.  Dad is basically home bound.  Two of their boys have come with us a few other years.  This year they decided to not only let those two boys go, but also the autistic son.  We will have a challenge, but the boy will have a great time.  Add three to the campfire.
  2. My son is very good at finding people who others will not friend.  This year he reached out to a new kid in the neighborhood, we’ll call him Dan, who did not seem to have much in the way of parental support.  Add one more.  This one has a story with him.

As we were getting permission for Dan to come with us, we realized that we actually knew the family.  About 8 years ago I ran a state certified day care to earn some extra money.  Dan was one of the children I watched.  He stuck out in my mind because he was the one child I had decided there was really no hope nor future for.  The victim of a nasty divorce, Mom didn’t have time for him because she needed to go to school full time and work full time.  She finally paid Dad to take the child for a year.  Dad didn’t want a kid messing up his freedom, but decided that the extra cash to party with would come in handy.  Dan had severe emotional issues and somehow the decision had been made that medicating him would be the easiest thing to do.  He came to me a medicated zombie part of the time, and a violent, attention craved child the rest of the time.  He had already been kicked out of other day care centers.  I didn’t have him long before they moved on, but I did feel sorry for him.  I guess mom finally finished school, and remarried.  Step-dad, surprise, doesn’t want to do anything with Dan either, so we will take him camping with us.  I find it very interesting that my boy (who was too young to remember Dan from before), would be the one to find him and to reach out to him.  We may not be able to do anything about his home life, but we can at least take him camping this weekend!