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Good People

Special thank you today to those who helped us get into our “new to us” vehicle.  It is especially nice to find friends in the automotive industry who helped us get what we needed.  Thanks to Paxman Automotive who gave us a great deal on our new tires to help us come in as close to budget as possible.  They didn’t have to give us an extra discount, but when they saw how close we were to going over budget they threw in an extra special discount, resulting in 4 tires for only  $20 each, to help things come together.  The world runs on good people!

Garage Treasures

New car battery

New car battery (Photo credit: modenadude)


Cleaning out the garage I’m bound to find some treasures.  Found the most bizarre one yet.  In a pile of remodeling leftovers I found a metal stick with a bend on it, a rubber washer, and a bolt on the top.  I would have not had a clue what it was a week ago.  I happened to know that it was a battery tie down post simply because we spent a good portion of last week looking for that very part!  We got a new battery in our car, and were trying to get it installed properly, but the old battery holder is old and corroded.  One post is frozen and won’t adjust, the other is almost corroded through.  We eventually gave up and decided to purchase a new unit that would work properly.  Unfortunately the store carries “universal” parts, and our car is too old to work with the “universal” style.  The bend is too tight and we can not get it into our car.  After a lot of struggle we gave up and returned the “universal” part.  Unable to find a part that would work we did our best to clean up the old ones and basically got it working enough to pass safety inspection.


How that exact part, with the correct bend and configuration, no rust, no corrosion ended up on the back of a shelf in my garage I will never know.  Right there with the plumbing materials.  Neither me nor my husband can think of any reason we would even own such an item.  Did we happen to save it off of an older car?  No.  Why would we?  Don’t remember ever messing with one before.  No clue at all how it got there, but I know what I’m going to do with it!






Car Blessings pt. 1

As we got ready to go on our trip last week, I decided to make sure that the car was good to go.  It was getting close to time for an oil change, and one of the tires was wearing funny.  I kept forgetting to take care of it, but at the last minute we got it in.

I told the mechanics that we were going on a trip, and could they check that tire and see if anything else needed attention.  I usually don’t make a habit of telling mechanics to let me know everything that is wrong with an older car, because it usually will cost me more than the vehicle is worth.

They called back saying, yes – the one tire was completely bad and would have gone out on us.  Not only that, they also checked a small leak that was coming from the engine and found a serious problem developing.  They told us that it was a $1,000 – $2,000 repair, but because they had found it so early, they could still put a stop leak option in for $20, and it will probably fix the problem for another 3 -5 years.

We still decided that a 14 hour drive wasn’t the safest option for that vehicle and opted for the rental, but at least we found the problem while it was still small.  I can’t think of any other scenario where we would have found that leak early.




Toyota Camry photographed in Waldorf, Maryland...

Nothing earth shattering today, but a big help is the fact that our car passed safety inspection with no problem.

The car is 22 years old, has 244,000 miles, and does not come with a car payment.  We’ve never had it not pass safety inspection in all the time we have owned it!  Two of our boys have crashed the doors, but those were inexpensive fixes and no one got hurt.  We love our old clunker, and it looks like we’ve got another year with it!