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Honeybees and Balance

English: Honeybee, Apis mellifera ; Bluebell, ...

I was talking with some friends last night, and they were telling me about a honeybee problem.  I guess we have fewer and fewer honeybees around.  If all the honeybees leave, who is left to pollinate all of our trees and flowers and food?  (Not that all of them are gone.)  Still, it is too easy to overlook that something as simple as a honeybee has such a dramatic impact on our environment.  The discussion also migrated to how the allergies are worse and worse because of the imbalance of male and female trees.  Balance is also crucial to an ideal environment.   To me this testifies of a Divine Design.  Even if there were a purely scientific explanation that made sense about how we were created, our incredible balance of life has no explanation as to how balance evolves.  Everything works together too beautifully.

Weeds and Bumblebees

I was working in the yard the other day, and we have these horrible weeds.  They are prickly, irritating, and can grow with no water, high heat, and they thrive where nothing else can grow.  They recently flowered with these small, purple flowers.  Attracted to those flowers are some rather huge bumblebees.  I remember hearing about those sort of bumblebees when I was young, and how science can’t explain how they could fly.  I decided to look into it.

Did a little online research, and from what I can figure out, science HAS been able to figure out the physics – for the most part.  They essentially work more like helicopters than like airplanes.  At the same time they are still studying the insects because of their amazing abilities to not only fly, but they do so with inefficient technique and immense strength that we have not been able to duplicate.  So basically, as soon as we learn one lesson from nature, there are more still to find.  “Solving” the miracles of nature simply leads us to more information, and more questions

All I know for sure is that the ones in my back yard were HUGE, UGLY, and flew quickly.  They were so big and heavy the plant couldn’t support the weight and they kept ending up on the ground anyway.  We may be able to explain how they fly, but it is still amazing.  It looked like a jumbo-jet being lifted by a small set of helicopter blades, and moving as fast and nimbly as a hummingbird.