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Toyota Camry photographed in Waldorf, Maryland...

Nothing earth shattering today, but a big help is the fact that our car passed safety inspection with no problem.

The car is 22 years old, has 244,000 miles, and does not come with a car payment.  We’ve never had it not pass safety inspection in all the time we have owned it!  Two of our boys have crashed the doors, but those were inexpensive fixes and no one got hurt.  We love our old clunker, and it looks like we’ve got another year with it!

I Didn’t Kill Anyone Today!


I was very “lucky” today to not kill anyone.  Sounds crazy, but it could have been very bad.  I was heading to the library, in the parking lot actually.  I was simply driving down the lane looking for a parking spot.  Suddenly this nine-ish year old kid appears in the road out of nowhere.  I managed to slam on my brakes and stop before I hit him.  It was close.

He had been running from the park next to the library – full speed, and ran between two closely parked mini-vans and out directly in front of me.  I was looking the other way and must have seen him out of my peripheral vision.  I had just picked a parking spot and was about to step on the gas and pull in.  Fortunately I did see him in time, and I was still going slow.  I think I scared the poor kid to death though.  Stopped dead in his tracks right in the middle of the street once he saw me.  I think he’ll look before he runs into a parking lot again.