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Gratitude #2

Today I am grateful for metalworking and everyday tools.  It is so simple, and I take it so for granted.

Last week my son did something he was told not to do and ended up with a leg full of splinters from a rotting board.  I am still in the process of pulling well over 100 splinters out of his leg.  I am grateful that I have the medical understanding to prevent infection from the bad wood, and today I am equally grateful that I had easy and immediate access to a needle, tweezers, good lighting and even corrected eyesight.   I have no idea how people lived without even those most basic tools.  Probably many of the smaller splinters would have just festered and who knows what may have happened to his leg, and I would have been powerless to do anything.

Year End Thoughts

Before I share one last miracle for this year, I just wanted to mention a few things I have learned with this project.  I always knew that the only way I have made it through this life is through assistance from my Savior.  I also thought I understood that He helped me daily.  It wasn’t until I started documenting these things that I have realized how completely blessed I really am.  As I take a break to celebrate this Christmas season, I just wanted to share a quick scripture.


  • Isaiah 55:9

    9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.


Just because God does not bless us out of our current trials does not mean that He has stopped paying attention to us.  Just because He doesn’t prevent us from learning doesn’t mean He doesn’t shower us with gifts.


Anyway, today you get a longer story than I’ve done for a while.  It is yet another DI/thrift store find.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I have all but stopped shopping at our DI because the quality of the items is so low, and the selection so poor.  Being the shopping season, however, I stopped in last week to look for a few Christmas items.


As I was looking around I noticed a large collection of air purification machines.  There were about 20 of them.  Our daughter recently developed some complications from allergies we didn’t know she had.  My husband and other daughter have sensitive lungs.  Another son has had some recurring health problems we have not been able to figure out, but we’ve wondered if there is something in the home that triggers them.  We live in an old and poorly constructed home that is extremely dusty and has poor circulation.  We had purchased air purification devices in the past, but had little success with them.  They are expensive to purchase, then require constant expensive filter changes to continue to work properly – and with little to no noticeable results.  I looked at one of the nicer machines sitting at DI, but decided I was not about to pay the $50 to see if the larger systems worked any better – assuming it even still worked.   I did feel that I should ask my husband’s opinion, however, because he is the one that has been really bothered by the air quality issues.


I forgot to mention it to him that night.  I knew that by the time I could go back the next week anything decent and in working condition would most likely be gone.  I decided to mention it to him anyway, because I am trying to act on every prompting I receive.  He was immediately interested and asked me to go back the following week and see what was left.  He has actually been earning a little more recently, and said it would be important enough to him that he would purchase new filters as well if I could find a good machine.  He even approved the $50 price tag if the machine looked like it would work.  I didn’t want to spend that much on an unproven, used device.


Despite my personal hesitations, I decided I would probably enjoy a quick shopping trip anyway, and went over to DI shortly after they opened Monday morning.  Almost all of the devices were gone.  There were only 2 left.  One looked very old, and the other one was the $50 one.  I checked out the cheaper one and decided I probably couldn’t even get filters for it if it did still work.  As I walked over to the expensive one, I started to get a little more excited.  It had all the bells and whistles, a working remote, multi-day auto programming, etc.  They had also dropped the price to $25.  All I needed to do was plug it in and make sure it turned on.  The plug was missing.  And it wasn’t a standard plug in.  Probably why it wasn’t sold.


One of the items I had planned to look for that trip anyway was a cord for another Christmas gift.  I practically ran over to the section that housed the cords.  I didn’t find the common cord I was originally looking for, but after about 10 minutes, and going through practically everything else there, I found the one for the air unit.  The non-standard cord that fit perfectly.  I plugged it in and it turned on.  There was even a sensor telling me it needed new filters.  I was prepared for that, so I went ahead and purchased the unit.


When I got it home, we looked it up on the internet to see if we could find filters.  Good news and bad news.  Bad news, the filter itself cost $60.  Good news, this was a top of the line, super duper high quality upgraded unit that retails for over $900!  We were so excited we decided to test the unit out with the old filter in.   Even with the used filter, within 5 minutes we could all tell a significant difference in our air quality.  (Unpaid testimonial:  rolled it into a bedroom where we have chronic bed wetting issues, and in about 10 minutes the smell had disappeared!)


I am so excited for our new filter to arrive, we will be using this unit heavily.  I am obviously excited, but the kids are at least as excited as I am.  And we still don’t know just how much this is going to help our family.


Part of me can’t believe how blessed I’ve been this year, but the other part of me suspects that if we really understood that God is behind all these little things, we would be able to see His hand in all of our lives at least this much.  It is simply a matter of gratitude, thanksgiving, and perspective.  “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”


Merry Christmas everyone!






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