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Had an amazing day yesterday.  We’ve been reeling a little here from our family crisis.  Yesterday I had had it with the disarray of my home caused by a preoccupation with the larger issues we were facing.  We took a day “off” to just work and clean up around the house.  By the end of the day everyone was tired, but content.  It was the first time in about two weeks that we had gone to bed without tears and emotional meltdowns from at least one of the children or parents.  Work itself was the distraction we needed to get past our own disappointments and fears.  I knew it worked for me personally, but I didn’t realize how well it even would work for a 5 year old and teenagers.


Fixing up our “new” car includes cleaning it thoroughly.  I thought we’d take a layer of dirt off, then be good, but the vehicle wasn’t worth much more than that.  I cleaned one layer, then realized it was worse than I thought.  Spent an entire day cleaning.  By the end of the day it looked so much better.  Then I found several spots I had missed.  Eventually spent another entire day cleaning it, including a trip to the car wash for inside and out, and a partial wax job.  I now realize that if I spend another entire day, it may look really good.  We even nicknamed our vehicle “Mahana” because she may just be a great vehicle if we take better care of her than her previous owners did.

I think we are the same way as people.  First we decide we probably just need to repent and cleans ourselves of the obvious sins.  The harder we work to clean ourselves the more we realize we have to do.  It all becomes worth it when we see our full potential.   Included this little thought in respect of the fact that the miracle of the atonement is available in it’s completeness every day, and for every layer.