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Big Shoes, Small Miracles

I was thinking today about how some of the most important things are so small.  I had a wonderful day with my difficult son. The thing that made it so wonderful was that he allowed me to buy him a new pair of shoes.  It does not sound like a big deal, but it really was.  It was the first time in almost a year that he had allowed me do anything to help him out.  It was difficult for him.  I learned that I needed to first let him do something for me, then I could do something for him.  It was also a good thing for me to learn.  Also, the look on his face was inspiring.  He had actually been growing in his feet, and all of his old shoes, and even his spares were the wrong size, but he hadn’t realized it.  He thought it was just his flat feet giving him problems.  We finally went to the store, figured out what the problem was and got him some shoes that fit.  He was so much happier.  I loved seeing the relief and even excitement on his face to have shoes that fit.


Church Pants

I have a neighbor who mentioned she would send her kid to church more often if he had an appropriate pair of pants to wear.  He wears an in-between size, but I said I’d keep an eye out for some.  Today I took my daughter to the thrift store to get some grubby jeans for camp.  I decided to look and see if I could also find some pants for the neighbor boy.  I asked a worker where to look since it is in between boys and mens.  She said to look both places because she almost never sees that size.  The second rack we looked through we found the exact size we were looking for.  Not only that the pants were brand new with the $40 price tag still on them!  Think we’ll see him next week?????