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Final Days

Today’s miracle was found in an article I read about a composer.  Rather than go through the effort of rewriting the story, here is the link.  The story can be found in the first four paragraphs.




Near Misses

As a parent, I sometimes wonder how often our children are preserved from harm without our even realizing or acknowledging it.

Yesterday my 5 year old swallowed a hard candy and actually started choking on it.  I must admit I panicked a little bit as he had his hands up near his throat, started jerking, and I heard a faint “I’m choking.”  I knew enough to understand that if he could say anything he wasn’t completely out of air, but I also knew that this kid wouldn’t whisper the word “choking” just for fun.  I didn’t want to use any drastic measures if he could still get some air in, but he had a look of sheer terror on his face and was definitely having some difficulty breathing.  Fortunately his gag reflex was alive and well and he also looked like he was trying to throw up.  I brought him over to the sink and told him to go ahead and try to throw up.  He started to turn pale, then suddenly out popped a life saver candy he had stolen from his sister.  Thank goodness for gag reflexes!  I suspect that for a while he was only breathing through the hole in the middle of the candy, which was also a blessing.  First thing he said is “I won’t do that again!”

I was a little extra on edge because I had just heard about a local 10 year old who had a peanut allergy, and had accidentally eaten something with peanut oil in it.  The parents had to make the decision to take him off of life support and he had not made it.  One day he was running in the local track meet, the next day he was gone.  It can be that quick.  I’m so glad it was not my turn to go through that.


Circle of Life

A few years back we started raising back yard chickens.  The experience has been rather eye opening, and rewarding.  Last night we had an egg dish, provided fresh from our yard.  It was delicious, healthy, inexpensive and the kids all enjoyed it.  What more can you ask from a meal?  When we began raising these chickens I had no idea just how good the eggs are for you.  I also had no idea how much we would learn about the circle of life.  We’ve lost a few birds along the way to predators, and one to an unknown illness or injury, but that too is a part of life.  It has been a great teaching opportunity.  The entire circle of life is an incredible miracle, and in my urban upbringing I have had few such opportunities to observe it first hand.  I’m excited to give this opportunity to my children.  (The eggs were great as well.)

Mourning and Comfort

My 11 year old has a friend that can be a little pesky and annoying at times, but they are friends anyway.  Monday, this friend called to tell my daughter that her dog had just been run over and had died.  (The friend’s dog.)  She was so sad.  The beautiful thing was to see that my daughter knew just what to do.  She went to the kitchen, made her favorite treat, then took the birthday money she had just got, and bought her friend a stuffed dog that would always remind her of the pet.  She then walked the 12 blocks to bring them over and comfort her friend.

Death itself qualifies as a miracle, but the effect that it has on the living can be rather impressive as well.

The Reach of a Life

I am in mourning this morning as we found out about the passing of the father of one of our son’s friends.  He leaves behind a wife and large family of young children and teens.

This is the second tragedy I have heard about this week.  Neither death was expected, both died of cancer, both left large, young families, and both thought they were fine at Christmas.

I had met this father only once, and the other death, a mother, I only knew the mother-in-law.    Yet both of their passings fill me with compassion and sorrow.  It is amazing the affect each life can have on people they probably never even suspected would notice.  I receive comfort and strength in knowing that there is a plan for them to continue on, and I need more faith that God also has a plan for those they have left behind to also continue on.