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Procrastination and Projects

Ever wished you had time to do something, but then realized you wouldn’t ever really make the time.  I have been putting off getting my carpet shampooed, and even worse I never seem to get around to cleaning the couch and chairs.  It is always next paycheck, or next summer or something.  Anyway, I was supposed to be out of town having fun this week and my trip got canceled.  Cool, two days with nothing scheduled.  Not really.  The toilet flooded so we needed to get that taken care of.  Now I have a carpet shampooer and two days to clean everything in.  I think procrastination time is over.


Lots of tender mercies this weekend, lots of family.

One of the daily miracles I don’t often thank God for, is time.  There never seems to be enough.  Just made arrangements to add 3 extra days to my year!  Okay, there aren’t really 3 more days in my year than yours, but 3 days of no work for me, limited work for my husband, and no children to take care of (my full time 24/7 job) for 3 entire days is the best gift I could possibly get for my birthday.  Thanks Mom!

What will I do with 3 entire days — absolutely no outside commitments?  Finish a 20 year project, put it online, thousands of dollars of home improvement (without 5 kids slowing me down)  — re-paint the entire house, finish rebuilding the fence, and even put in some new carpet.  Already lining up help to come work on the kitchen for stuff I can’t do.  If the tax return comes by then I have a few more projects I’ll hire out also.  Finish the honey-do’s?  Maybe if I’m good we’ll sneak a date night in as well. 🙂  Then a 4th day goofing off in Vegas.  (Did I mention I have a problem with extreme optimism?)

What would you do with 3 extra days?