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September Spring

English: River Bladnoch. High water on the Riv...

I went for my walk this morning, but had some extra time so we walked down by the river.  I was excited to see what was going on down there.  The last time I had been there about a month or so ago, it was almost completely dry as it often is during summer.  These last few weeks it has been raining and raining.  I was not disappointed.  Not only was the river full, but all of the plants were thriving and happy.  Even the flowers were out and blooming.  I saw probably 10 different types of wildflowers in full bloom.  It looked like spring had come again.

I think water is one of the many evidences we have that God exists.  The scriptures use much imagery about God and water.  It brings life, it even takes life.  It enables growth, and it is something that no one can live without.  Without going into an entire sermon, I think that all the water around us is one of those many evidences of God’s goodness that is too abundant to ignore.

Honeybees and Balance

English: Honeybee, Apis mellifera ; Bluebell, ...

I was talking with some friends last night, and they were telling me about a honeybee problem.  I guess we have fewer and fewer honeybees around.  If all the honeybees leave, who is left to pollinate all of our trees and flowers and food?  (Not that all of them are gone.)  Still, it is too easy to overlook that something as simple as a honeybee has such a dramatic impact on our environment.  The discussion also migrated to how the allergies are worse and worse because of the imbalance of male and female trees.  Balance is also crucial to an ideal environment.   To me this testifies of a Divine Design.  Even if there were a purely scientific explanation that made sense about how we were created, our incredible balance of life has no explanation as to how balance evolves.  Everything works together too beautifully.

Singing in the Rain

I live in a hot and dry desert.  Rain is scarce, and we can go entire months here without any precipitation.  In our sheltered lifestyles with city utilities and running water, I have to admit I rarely even think about rainfall.  I understand that water conservation is important, but I don’t have a vested interest in rain – until it results in flash flooding and messes up my house or property.   I don’t even own an umbrella or boots or a waterproof jacket.

I guess that as a nation we are officially in the middle of a drought.  I’ve even heard some people theorize that ultimately the drought is affecting our economy as much as presidential policies.  Could be, I don’t know.

Someone in my area must be praying mighty hard for rain.  I looked up our average July rainfall.  Overall, we average .48 inches in July.  (I think most of that must fall in the mountains, because I’ve seen entire July’s with NO rainfall.)  This year our July total is at 1.62 inches – and it is still raining!  And in the middle of a drought.

If we lived in a less modern society, I would be thanking God for the miracle of abundant rainfall during the drought.