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Expecting Miracles

Yesterday we watched parts of the Rootstech conference.  One statistic I had actually heard before, but they reviewed it.  I realized they are expecting the impossible, and expecting a miracle, – step one to receiving one.

Indexing is the process of making collected records searchable via computer.  Indexing has revolutionized family history work, and billions of records are now available with the click of a button.  However, we have so many records to index, it is a nearly impossible project.  At current rates, to index just the records that the LDS church has already collected will take 300 years.  Wow.  That does not include records not yet collected, nor any records from Africa or most of Asia.  That said, their goal is to get everything indexed within 20-30 years.  I have no doubt that they can reach their goal.  They are on a mission, they are pursuing a good work, and they are actively working on solutions.  They expect to do their part and they also expect God to do his part.  Even if they reach their goal, there will be many more records to work on, but what a great example of expecting a miracle!


Family History Work

I took a sick day yesterday and didn’t feel like doing anything except sitting down a the computer.  In an attempt to be a little productive I worked on my family history at www.familysearch.org   Two things struck me as interesting.

  1. First, it was interesting how much I drew on my high school programming class.  I had thought that the class had been a complete waste, all we really learned about was search techniques, sort techniques, and how the computer processes them.  Nothing I have ever really used, nor did I think I would need to use with the way computing has evolved.  In searching through databases of records myself, I think I was actually much more comfortable adjusting search parameters because of that.
  2. Second, I don’t know why, but I find myself worrying about all the babies who died young.  I want to make sure they are not forgotten.  They have no descendants to make sure their work is done and their names recorded, but I worry about them all the same.  Just further proof that they have a Father in Heaven who knows exactly who they are and who cares about them as well.