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The Gift of Time

Special thanks to our neighbor who got off work late and still took a few minutes to come over and fix our furnace.  It has been very cold, and rather stressful knowing that it was probably some little thing (it was), but not knowing what to do to fix it, and not having the means to pay to have someone to come out.  He came over, figured out the problem, AND set us up to be warm all night until we could take care of the problem in the daylight.  He wouldn’t even accept payment for his troubleshooting.  I call that the gift of time and talents.  We appreciate it, especially this morning when we finally woke up warm!


We have been enjoying a lot of Christmas music around here, and a lot of great music in general.  It is unbelievable how much musical talent there is in the world.  There are people of all races, ethnicity, religions, and backgrounds who have so much talent to offer.  God does not seem to discriminate when it comes to handing out musical gifts, and we all have the opportunity to enjoy it.

(I have been a little disappointed with the exclusively secular “holiday music” played on the radio this year.  Anyone else notice that?)