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Coupon Trade

I got a high value baby formula coupon in the mail, but I don’t have an infant any more.  Rather than just throw it out I decided to leave it in the formula isle for someone else who could use it.  I left the coupon and went down the next isle for the next item on my list, only to find that someone else had left a coupon on the item that I needed!

Cash and Faith

Had some unexpected cash come my way this month.  Always a blessing.  Thanks to the three considerate people who saw the opportunity to make something good happen for me.

I used to struggle with understanding why, if God can bless people with money, good people so often don’t have what they need financially.  I think I have found 3 of many answers:

  1. We do have what we need, just not everything we think we need.
  2. If there were a 1:1 ratio of good deeds to immediate reward, we would never need to learn to live by faith.
  3. So we appreciate it more when we get it.

Here’s a great little miracle in Kenya.