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I’ve been getting a little behind on my posts, not because I have not seen miracles around me, but because I’m not sure how to share them.  Some of them are too personal, some of them are simply in the ability to see things shaping up for the future, and seeing God’s hand preparing a way for both myself and others.  They are there, even when I don’t mention them.

A share for today:  We have been struggling with a difficult child situation.  By keeping my mind on my Savior it has been tolerable.  I still do not like the situation, I still feel like crying very frequently, but I have peace.  I feel like the child I have known has been taken away from me for a while, and that is more than I can deal with alone.

In his mercy, the Lord has opened an unexpected door.  One of my boy’s old friends from school (my son does not want friends anymore – his choice) is in a situation that he needs a little parenting.  He also is recently graduated and needing some encouragement and guidance moving on in life.  He has parents, but both are disabled and limited in their availability.  It is not a replacement for my son, but he is needing the same type of help I wish I could offer my boy, and it is very comforting for me to be able to help someone out in the way I should have been helping my son right now.  Unexpected comfort.