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Priesthood Power

One of the wonderful things about our religion is our claim to the biblical priesthood power, or the authority to act in the name of God.  This includes the gift of healing.  A gift my husband, her father, holds.

As we were preparing to be flown to SLC, we knew that it must be serious and we made arrangements to give her a blessing.  In that blessing she was promised that she would have a complete recovery.  It seemed very reasonable at the time.  We went on with the events that unfolded, comforted in the knowledge that all would end well.  It gave us great strength to know she would pull through.

Once she had had her initial evaluation and surgery, the doctor came out and said the exact same words, that he expected a full recovery.  As things progress and we have our ups and downs there are days that I wonder if a complete recovery is still possible.  It is testing my faith and I am sure hers as well, but deep down in I believe we know all will be well.  What a gift.

Entire Week in One Post

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Okay, I have not forgotten about my need to blog a miracle daily, I just failed to make arrangements to be near the internet on my latest vacation.  I’m going to do some quick catch-up.

Thursday June 14th – attended the Williams Family Reunion.  Gave gratitude for family who worked so diligently to make it a memorable event.  Reflected on the miracles of modern travel that allowed family to attend from literally all corners of the nation.  Thought it was so cool to be able to watch videos of my grandparents with my children who were not even born when they passed.  I think that would be considered a miracle of technology working to establish the “Spirit of Elijah” in the hearts of my children.  Just because I can explain the technology does not mean that it is not a miracle.

Friday June 15th – Met with a BYU counselor to help my daughter refine her college major/minor and career focus.  I think it is miraculous that we were able to take this trip and were able to meet with the people we needed to.  Shanna is receiving exactly the help she needs when she needs it.  It was so fun to see her eyes light up when we spoke of her options.  As someone whose husband never received that help, and has been unable to find his “place in life,” I consider it a miracle that my children have such great prospects.  I have high hopes that the poverty of the parents will not curse the children yet another generation.  That will be a miracle worth seeing.  I also watched my older daughters take my younger children to tour campus as I worked to help with he wedding.  It is amazing to get a sneak preview of the abilities of the rising generation of mothers.

Saturday June 16th – Saw my sister get married.  Sure people get married every day, but this wedding was different.  Carrie has had a long wait for a husband.  Her life has been filled with unbelievable heartaches, tragedies, and loneliness.  Watching her be sealed, with her two sets of “in-laws” from her two murdered fiance’s, the veil was thin.  Today was a day of fulfilled promises and of rejoicing.  For Carrie and our family, there is no question that today was a miracle.

Sunday June 17th – A day of personal triumph.  Today was supposed to be the day that my husband and I separated.  I don’t know how I have found the strength to continue on in my trials and still stand by him.  It is still so hard to love him so much, and to still blame him for so much.  I know my children all love him unconditionally, despite their poverty.  What type of world do we live in where I am so tempted to destroy such a precious thing as a family who has great love, just because we can not find a way to make a living?  Les is not perfect, but none of us really are.  He never intends to hurt me or us, but the world does it for him every time I can’t afford basic clothes for the kids, or gas for the car, or even enough to keep the utilities on.  I am amazed every time he keeps trying anyway – and I know he always has.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for the cash they gave Les for Fathers Day.  We literally did not have enough to put gas in the car this afternoon, and here we are on a family vacation I did not want to go on.  I chose family over money this week, and I was sustained for another day.

Monday June 18th – Shanna lined up her housing for next school year.  I still don’t know how she has been blessed to afford college.  We are still trying to account for extra money in her bank account.  As she double checked her numbers again and again she found that she was able to sign her contract for a very nice apartment very close to campus.  I could tell that not having to settle for the cheapest dump out there was a relief for her.  She is being blessed with hope for her future and with the resources she needs.  I know the Lord loves her, and I know she is doing what she was sent here to do.

(BTW, because my husband was worried about me, he made arrangements to stay on vacation with us longer than he had planned.  Because he stayed longer he was also able to see Shanna’s apartment for the fall.  Not exactly a miracle, but a blessing for us, because Les really does love his daughter, and they were both so happy he could see it as well.)

Tuesday July 19th – The miracle for this day is simply the healing that has come this entire week with family.  We have had wonderful family get togethers with family who does not always really care about each other  I have been able to find a way to spend time with everyone that I needed to.  I have seen my children re-connect with cousins in a very positive way.  I have seen my husband forgive his father this week for years of hurt.  It may not be the opening of the Red Sea, but anyone who has struggled with family relationships may understand that healing of relationships is as miraculous as healing of bodies.

Wednesday July 20th – Two miracles today, possibly three.  When we stopped by Grandpa’s house to say good-bye, I was thrilled to be given the results of a late night and early morning of dedicated research from Doris.  She handed me her work on my cousin’s biological father’s genealogy.  I am excited to share that with her, but that will have to wait for another day.  Then as we headed home, Les got a series of phone calls that lined up enough work for us to be able to finish paying all of our bills for the rest of the month, and then a little.  Not a single call for work during our vacation, then everything we needed immediately when it ended.  The third miracle may involve the softening of a very hard heart.  It remains to be seen what happens with that one though.

Thursday July 21st – I came home and crashed.  Thanks to my VT partner who took the initiative anyway to make sure we got out and visited our sisters.  Heard some things I needed to hear.  The real miracle for the day though, is that Les had the energy he needed to go do a late night tune after coming home from a vacation.  Just a few months ago that would not have been physically possible because of his CFS and Fibermayalga.  He should have been bedridden today.

Almost caught up now.