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Cold Sore Stopped

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A few days back I got a strange but intense itching and irritation on my lip.  At first it was just really annoying.  Then I realized what it was.  I was going to have a full-out, not fun cold sore for Christmas.  I was not excited.  Then I remembered that essential oils help cold sores most when they are just starting.  I treated my poor lip with enough OnGaurd that my tongue started to go numb.  Three days later and not an itch, bump, or sign of any sort of sore at all!  Horray for OnGuard!


Spent Thanksgiving with family, but this year we were especially grateful to have my uncle with us.  He has been diagnosed with a terminal cancer and did not know if he would be with us this year.  Not only was he with us, but his numbers are down so far they are re-evaluating his status.  It was good to have him with us and doing well.



Gratitude #2

Today I am grateful for metalworking and everyday tools.  It is so simple, and I take it so for granted.

Last week my son did something he was told not to do and ended up with a leg full of splinters from a rotting board.  I am still in the process of pulling well over 100 splinters out of his leg.  I am grateful that I have the medical understanding to prevent infection from the bad wood, and today I am equally grateful that I had easy and immediate access to a needle, tweezers, good lighting and even corrected eyesight.   I have no idea how people lived without even those most basic tools.  Probably many of the smaller splinters would have just festered and who knows what may have happened to his leg, and I would have been powerless to do anything.


I decided to help celebrate National Mental Health Awareness month.  Didn’t realize I would spend most of Monday advocating for an individual to get the mental health treatment they needed, and part of today helping another access a mental health grant.  I actually quoted this talk to convince the consumer yesterday to accept help.  He especially was able to relate to the statement that you would treat a broken arm or appendicitis with the best medical care possible, and that we need to do the same with our mental health.   🙂 Anyhow, thought I’d share Elder Holland’s talk from Saturday.  It was great timing.  Click on the link below to watch the entire talk.  Tomorrow I’m going to be contacting our local library system to inform them that their collection of consumer and family focused mental health literature is practically non-existent, and present them with a list of some of the more nationally recognized books that they do not carry.  Some days it is our job to be our own miracles.


Elder Holland


Mental Health Awareness Ribbon

Mental Health Awareness Ribbon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





No More Grays

Okay, so today’s “miracle” is almost too silly to mention.

About a year or two ago my husband started getting more gray hairs.  Not quite enough to dye, but noticeable.  At 43/44 that was not too abnormal.  What is abnormal is that I can’t find them any more.  His hair looks like it did about five years ago, just a few here and there.  They have almost completely gone back to his original hair color.  Could someone please explain to me what is going on!  Not that I am complaining, but I have no idea why this is happening.  We have our suspicions, but medically it is not supposed to work that way.  He is also getting thinner and he is getting his energy back.  Cool.



I’m not sure we really understand growth on any level, so that is why it is my miracle for today.  I watch my “baby” outgrow his clothes, and learn to read, and get along with others, and I stand in awe.  I’ve not heard a really good, scientific explanation of how our body knows how to grow where, and how fast.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, we all grow and develop constantly.  How do we do this?  We understand it is a part of life, everything around us grows – it is a sign of life itself, yet we can not control it or create it.  When we plant something we can provide the conditions for growth, but then the best we can do is stand back and watch.

Yesterday my six year old spent several hours crying due to growing pains.  She also went through pain as she lost a baby tooth, allowing for her larger, adult tooth to come in properly.  As I watch growth around me, I can learn that growth of all types involves pain, stretching, and a better result at the end.  Couldn’t growth be categorized as God directing our paths to something larger and better than before?

Near Misses

As a parent, I sometimes wonder how often our children are preserved from harm without our even realizing or acknowledging it.

Yesterday my 5 year old swallowed a hard candy and actually started choking on it.  I must admit I panicked a little bit as he had his hands up near his throat, started jerking, and I heard a faint “I’m choking.”  I knew enough to understand that if he could say anything he wasn’t completely out of air, but I also knew that this kid wouldn’t whisper the word “choking” just for fun.  I didn’t want to use any drastic measures if he could still get some air in, but he had a look of sheer terror on his face and was definitely having some difficulty breathing.  Fortunately his gag reflex was alive and well and he also looked like he was trying to throw up.  I brought him over to the sink and told him to go ahead and try to throw up.  He started to turn pale, then suddenly out popped a life saver candy he had stolen from his sister.  Thank goodness for gag reflexes!  I suspect that for a while he was only breathing through the hole in the middle of the candy, which was also a blessing.  First thing he said is “I won’t do that again!”

I was a little extra on edge because I had just heard about a local 10 year old who had a peanut allergy, and had accidentally eaten something with peanut oil in it.  The parents had to make the decision to take him off of life support and he had not made it.  One day he was running in the local track meet, the next day he was gone.  It can be that quick.  I’m so glad it was not my turn to go through that.


Faulty Memories

One of the ironies of life is that faulty memories are one of the tender mercies of life and relationships.  Rather than holding on to hurts and wrongs, sometimes it is better if we just forget them.  Of course with age and our own pride, we forget a great many things, starting with the hurts and wrongs we inflict on on others.  Three examples come to mind today.

Story 1:  Got a call from a case manager we had worked with when my husband was ill.  We had been abruptly dropped from the program over some personal differences.  I guess that was not enough to close the paperwork, and he called back almost a year later saying he needed to follow up on how we were doing.  According to his memory (and records?) we were now working (true, but not last we spoke) and he wanted to know if he could help us with some of the things he had refused us before.  What?  I decided to chalk faulty memory up to an opportunity for me to forget past wrongs in hopes that someday someone else would forget things I unknowingly hurt them with.

Story 2:  Another weird one was a family friend for whom my husband had tried to tune their piano.  The piano had been in my husband’s family many years before and was in terrible shape, and needed several hundreds of dollars worth of work.  He offered to give her a large discount on a tune and threw in a repair that affected the functioning for only the cost of parts, just to help out.  The appointment took hours, and the lady talked at him the entire time, mostly about her financial successes and every stupid thing my husband had done as a teenager.  When he finally finished, the lady pulled out $15, explained she wanted to take a big trip in a few weeks, and needed to save up on her fun money.  The fact that she had already gotten $300 worth of work for an agreed on price of $70 was irrelevant.  She is one of two people on our do not do business with list.

Anyhow, we ran into her a few months ago and she mentioned how much she enjoyed him stopping by every year and tuning her piano.  Three times she thinks he as been there. What?  It amazes me how differently two people can remember the same situation.

Story 3:  Three years ago, my husband had a bizarre reaction to a powerful medication he was taking and as one of the side effects he would suddenly fall asleep in the middle of conversations or driving.  He eventually he got to the point were he developed Swiss cheese type holes in his memory.  It is so odd to have gone through such a difficult time with someone and they don’t remember it.  In some ways I envy him.

Anyhow, our memories are miraculous things, and if we have mercy with others and ourselves, even their loss can be an advantage.

Stamina, and Personal Confessions

Background:  The last few years, when my husband was very sick, the thing he lacked the most was stamina.  I remember one family trip he drove for about 30 minutes, then collapsed into a useless heap, asking me to finish the trip myself, and care for all of the children and all of the activities as well.  The doctors ran test after test, and saw no reason for the extreme fatigue, constant pain, and lack of stamina.  He had trouble finishing anything he started.  He became unemployed and unemployable.  Their conclusion was that it was mental.  They ran mental health tests, and concluded he was inventing fictitious health reasons to not want to work, or do anything.  Marriage counselors all concluded that the situation was hopeless, and that it was time to give up.  They tried to convince me that it was not chronic pain that made him mean and unemployed, but that I needed to accept the reality of the person I had married and get on with my life without him.  Not that I thought he was perfect, but this was not the person I knew, and I chose to turn to the Lord for help instead.  The road to health and functioning was painfully slow, but eventually he did recover.

Yesterday:  We had a day off of school/work, and decided to repaint and re-carpet an additional bedroom.  After working on the bedroom all day, he went in to work for a few hours, then at 9:30pm, when he got done and had helped put the kids to bed, he got ready to go back and work in the bedroom again.  I had to beg him not to.  He has nasty allergies, and a severe cough.  He had already pushed himself beyond what was considered reasonable or necessary.  The room should be done today anyway.

Conclusion:  According to the “experts” there is no miracle here.  He simply changed his attitude.  Not true.  The pain has subsided, the fatigue is at “normal” levels for someone with seven kids, and the stamina is not only more normal, but his positive attitude frequently pushes him even further.  I guess it is a choice to believe in that miracle or not.  I am especially grateful for the stamina.

Miracle number two is that we still have our family.  You could argue that was ultimately my choice.  True, but I believe most miracles are the result of our choices.  I simply remember being told over and over that the situation was hopeless.  It obviously was not hopeless.  With God, nothing is hopeless.

Better Health

One of the odd side effects from whatever health problems my husband has had for the last several years included problems with time changes.  The shift in the regular routine is simple enough for most of us, but it would throw him off for an entire month and literally make him ill.  I remember many times we would begin shifting by 15 minutes at a time, just so things wouldn’t be so hard on him.  One year even the 15 min was too much.

This year he has experienced significantly improved overall health, and when the time change happened it didn’t even phase him.  One day I hope we can better understand how all these mortal health challenges work.