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Answered Prayers

Yesterday I saw God work in a very mysterious way.  My middle child needed some help, but he had it in his mind that a specific someone would come and help him in a specific way.  He refused to allow anyone else to help.  His refusal to let other people help has caused some serious problems both for my son and others involved in the activity.  The person that my son wanted to help him was not available, and even if that person suddenly became available, he no longer did that type of work and was not inclined to help anyone else out either.  He had been asked before and could no longer do the work properly.  We had asked before and he had tried before but could not do what needed to be done.      (Vague intentionally.  Sorry.)

Yesterday another activity was coming up and my boy had to get the project done.  The exact person that he had been hoping for stopped by for a visit, unannounced, and found himself at our home while his vehicle was being repaired with nothing to do.  I was a little hesitant to ask for the help because it was so difficult for our visitor.  Instead he just stepped right in and went to work in a way I have not seen him work in years.  It was as if he had never stopped doing that work, and was able to help my boy out and satisfy the desire my middle child had been holding out for.  My boy is very happy, and I don’t know if the visitor was even aware of the impact that his actions had.   The fact that he was able to do the work so well was an obvious miracle, but the timing and the arrival to our home were also miracles.



I refused to control my child’s life yesterday.  As difficult as it was, it turned out much better than expected.  Other people actually stepped in and helped because they had to.  Perhaps God steps in and helps more often when we let him as well.

Do Nothing

As I have been working on listening more carefully for promptings of what I am supposed to be doing with my time, I have been getting an overwhelming answer of “do nothing” or even “just wait.”  Several times it was simply to keep my mouth shut.  I think that is the hardest thing for me personally to do.  Nothing – or less – or the seemingly unproductive.

Other than the fact that I have had a cold and probably needed the rest anyway, it has been interesting to see the results.  I have probably accomplished just as much as other weeks, but I think I have been guided to more things that I would not have personally chosen to do with my time.  The things that have gotten accomplished were simply different types of things than I had intended to get done.  I have been much more patient with both others and with myself.  I hope some doors have even been opened so that I can act on them when the time is right.  A few things even worked out fine without my intervention.  Some didn’t.

Does anyone else have trouble “doing nothing” even when they know they shouldn’t.