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Two weeks ago we had a sick kid, and instead of trading off which parent went to church and which parent stayed home I volunteered to stay home the entire time.  Despite some minor objections from my husband, I stayed home the whole time.  I kind of felt like I was “ditching” church, but did it anyway.  This week my daughter had a relapse and ended up home in bed again.  This week, however, husband stayed home the entire time – a really good idea since I was performing first hour and teaching last hour!


The Cold and Chickens

English: Chickens in the snow The chickens hav...

We have had record setting cold this last week or two.  The kids don’t even want to go outside to play.  As the snow slowly melts it is not much better because I have 2 ice cold rivers, and 3-6″ of standing water/ice in the back yard due to drainage issues through the unmelted snow.   Through all of this we have sadly neglected our poor chickens.  They don’t like walking in the snow, and their coop is intentionally drafty to help with ventilation.  They ran out of food, their treats kept freezing, and keeping unfrozen water for them had been neglected as well.  I am simply amazed they are all even alive!

(I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve even wondered if it would be better if some of them did die so the kids would learn they need to do their chores no matter what the weather.)

Snow Day

Yesterday we had a true snow day.  It was a Sunday, so everything was canceled for everyone.  (One observation is that we got more snow the 24 hours before than we had gotten for the last 7 years combined!)  It was so peaceful not to have any scheduled activities, and no chores.  We spent the entire day relaxing, building snowmen, preparing for Christmas, and spending time with the kids.  It was almost as good as Christmas Day itself.  My kids summed everything up with the observation, it is like a snow day you don’t need to make up at the end of the year.  My daughter did feel like making some homemade bread and we relaxed to a warm pot of soup, warm potatoes, and fresh from the oven bread.


I appreciate life throwing in a good day now and then!


First snow of 2006 and of Winter.




Last week I was helping out with a volunteer group.  I was in charge of a large activity.  I felt to take some time that morning that I could know how to focus my time and efforts to make the most of my work there.  I didn’t even really know what I was praying for specifically, so my prayer sort of rambled and sounded like, “whatever it is I am supposed to be praying for help with I hope you know already better than I do cuz I have no idea what I’m praying for.”  A few hours later I was delivering permission slips to the parents and felt to step in and visit with one of the families I had not talked to for a while.  The conversation was kind of skirting around some potentially stressful family situations, but I felt directly impressed to share a personal struggle that our family had gone through a few years earlier.  It turns out that was the exact thing that they were dealing with, and by sharing my story I was able to offer some hope and insight about how to deal with everything.  It had nothing to do with the activity, except that was where the contact came in.  I’m glad that Heavenly Father knew what I was praying for help for even if I didn’t.


Providing a Way

I received a prompting to do something for someone else.  I knew I should do it, but it was going to cost some money I was not sure if I had or not.  I decided not to worry about the money right then and just to do it.  By the time I had finished, I had found all the resources I needed, basically sitting unused, waiting for this project.  The entire thing I had been so concerned about ended up costing me nothing.


Child’s Faith

I try to teach my children to decide what they want in life, consult with the Lord, then go forward to make it happen, having faith that the path will be opened for them.  My middle daughter really wanted to be a part of the theater production this year.  We have some serious scheduling conflicts with the rehearsal times, but told her if she really wanted it to go for it anyway and we would find a way.  She auditioned but didn’t make it.  It was tough but she put on her best face and said “There is always next year.”  The next week she got a call.  They had missed a pile of people to call to invite to be a part of the behind the scenes.  She was ecstatic.  She just wanted to be involved.  Not only that, but the crew she got put on has a different schedule and we have no more scheduling conflicts.

Then there came the mandatory parent meeting.  Both her father and I were working and did not have enough notice to get off of work.  I tried contacting some other parents I knew were involved, but no luck.  Then that morning I got an e-mail that something had come up and we had to make a last minute change to my schedule.  A hole opened up exactly during the parent meeting and I was able to attend.

The best part was my daughter looking at me, smiling, and saying, “You were right Mom.  Things do work out if they are supposed to.”  I smiled back and said, “That was your faith in action Katie.”


Be Prepared

English: First aid kit for a trip to rural Nic...

About a month ago I decided to update our first aid kits.  We have a new vehicle that did not have one yet, the car and home ones were more depleted than they should have been, we were heading off camping, and it just sounded like a good idea to make sure that everything was re-stocked.

Last week I had to leave town for a few days.  That meant I left everyone else home with Dad.  About an hour before I left my middle daughter came home from school with her pants pulled up above her knees and hobbling around.  She had fallen on the way to the bus and had gotten some large scrapes on her knee.  They were so large it actually put her into a little bit of shock, but the school had treated her, bandaged her up, and she was mostly okay.

I had just enough time before I left to check her wounds, clean them again, and give her instructions on how to care for them.  What she really needed was some super-sized bandages to help keep it clean while the huge scab was trying to form.  Fortunately I had just purchased an entire box of super-sized bandages for the first aid kit updates, and had several left over.  I realized that it was the first time in my 20 years of being a mom that I had actually purchased bandages that large.  Usually I just used what came in the first aid kits and bought new kits when needed.  This was the first time I had updated so many kits, so I had purchased an entire box of those bandages.  I was very relieved that we had what she needed and I didn’t need to take the time as I was getting on the road to go find bandages or dump yet another responsibility on Dad.  With all the options of things to put into the first aid kits, I was also glad I was prompted to get that exact size and style.  They were perfect.