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Help Available

As the end of the school year is approaching I am trying to finish up my homeschooling child.  With his ADD he often wanders in and out when he is supposed to be working, and doesn’t always return until  I remind him, and even then we wonder sometimes.  I went over the curriculum goals to be sure we are covering everything, and found a couple of areas that I need to review independent of the computer.  As I was outlining the areas we needed to cover I found a few that I was really rusty on.  As I worked on a plan, however, everything fell into place.  We found a place that offers a free research techniques class and signed him up for that.  One of his sisters is really good at math and will teach him some of the math concepts not covered on the computer.  Another sister is excited to cover grammar stuff because that is her thing.  Even his brother is joining in with helping cover technical analysis topics that are beyond me.

I heard someone theorize once that if everyone helped each other with the things that they are particularly good at, that most communities could be pretty much independent and self sufficient.  I’ve also heard that theory in regard to families and extended families.  Anyhow, it is great that I was able to find my son what he needed right now.




Success at home school.  No actual miracle here, just bragging.

My 13 year old started “officially” learning computer programming last week.  I have a little programming background, but very outdated, and nothing to teach a class with.  He has been doing a lot of learning on his own, but I wanted something more structured, more thorough, and more official.  We found a very basic, learning language called SCRATCH that had a free, online learning course, and he got started.  He anticipates finishing the beginner course this week, and is excited to move on to a “real language.”  This week he also got his sister interested in programming, and today he showed me a cool “Pong” game that he wrote in his spare time.  It was so cool to see him playing a game he programmed himself with his very excited 5 year old brother.

For me this is a success because one of my primary goals of homeschooling is to teach my children to love learning.  He not only loves what he is learning, but he has managed to get others excited with him!  That is what I expect from an education.

For anyone else interested, here are the links we used:

SCRATCH  –  Thank you MIT

ONLINE COURSE  –  Thank you Alison


Smooth Transition

It’s been such a busy week, and it is only Wednesday!

Anyhow, yesterday I had to take one of my children out of school due to a long term illness, and begin homeschooling.  I am amazed at how smoothly the transition is going.  In reality I like homeschooling anyway, but that was not the choice we had made for this year, so it was sort of difficult.  If he had gotten ill like this before this day of technology he would have grown up to be basically uneducated, or at least undereducated.  Now, we file paperwork, pay his library fines, then we signed him up for my favorite online curriculum, pick a few novels we want to read together, and we’re good.  He’s struggling getting back into a routine after spending so much time just laying in bed unable to do anything, but now he can work at his own pace.  Two days ago the school was harassing us about incomplete coursework and excessive absences, today we learned about electrical currents, java applets, and started reading about the Holocaust.  Amazing the information we have access to so easily.  Technology miracle anyone?

It is inspiring me to keep focused on the online music courses I am still working on.  I think I just found my test subject!  Shameless plugs:  I love www.time4learning.com through Odessy Learning,  and I hope to finish the coursework for www.learnmusicathome.com – that now is at least online, and somewhat mobile compatible.  A lot of work still to do.