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Beating the Odds

Sometimes beating the odds is simply a matter of chance.  Roll the dice enough times, win the lottery, whatever.  More often than not, I think Divine Intervention and personal effort can affect outcomes.  Today I want to recognize all the couples who beat the odds by remaining married through:

  • chronic illness or pain
  • a child with a chronic illness
  • the loss of a child
  • mental illness
  • financial changes or bankruptcy
  • different cultural backgrounds
  • alcoholism or substance abuse

These stresses, and others, decrease the odds of a successful marriage, so if you have experienced any of these roadblocks and find that both partners have worked through things sufficiently that you are happily married to any degree, count it as a miracle.

Getting Back Up

My husband lost his job, again.  It was devastating, again.

The day before they let him go I had just paid the rest of the bills for the month.  The very next work day he got a phone call that someone needed a piano tune that afternoon, so we have gas money for another week as well.  It isn’t a replacement, but I do think it is evidence and hope that the Lord will get us through until the next thing comes along.  Hope brings faith, faith brings miracles?



Spent some time to search the internet for solutions to my son’s problems.  I have heard and felt for so long that there is no hope.  Finally found a very Christlike program that may just be the answer I have been looking for.  Hope is a wonderful thing.  Started to rebuild strained relationships immediately.


I got annoyed with a neighbor Friday morning who was so preoccupied with his own problems that he didn’t even acknowledge my own concerns.  A few hours later I realized that although neither of us realized it at the time, his problem may actually be the answer to mine.  I need to step back a little sometimes!


Being a parent is extremely hard work.  Just the other day one of my kids seriously suggested that we clone me so that I could be in multiple places with multiple of them at the same time!  At least those ones wanted me.  On days when I feel less than optimistic, I remember what I learned during one of my more difficult trials.  Hope is akin to Faith and Charity.  All are required for us to be our best selves.  So today’s miracle is that I still have hope, a little anyway, that I may survive parenthood!   A mustard seed of hope is sometimes the first step to getting through something as God does the rest.

Directing Paths

Watched my schedule fall into place yesterday.  Got unexpected phone calls I have been waiting for a long time.  Good news for sure, possibly great news.  Everything fell into place as all my errands lined up and I was still able to meet with unexpected contacts.

Now if only dinner had been ready on time.  I guess I should clarify that almost everything fell into place – the potatoes didn’t cooperate.

Can’t really say if it is falling into place more often or I am just noticing it more, but it is a great feeling to know that the Lord is behind me.


Finances are not my favorite thing in the world.  My entire married life we have struggled with finances.  Much of it is because I stubbornly insist on being around to raise my own children myself.  My husband struggles severely with employment, and quite honestly he also wants to be a part of raising his children rather than working 24/7.

I started working on taxes yesterday, and again felt a mixture of discouragement and amazement as I am forced to look at our annual income.  I am choosing today to recognize my financial life as a miracle itself.

We live in a very comfortable home.  We have all of the necessities of life.  We enjoy running water, heat, central air, plenty to eat, multiple vehicles and multiple computers.  My children want for little.  The things they don’t have are objects that really don’t matter.  They have two parents who love them and provide a safe place to grow.  They are taught in the ways of the Lord.  They are enjoying good educations, and two of them are attending college.  As a family we are debt free other than the mortgage.  We make it a priority to tithe 10% of our income to God.

Sounds pretty good.  The miracle is that we do all of this on what the government classifies as 40% below the poverty level.  The lowest poverty level classification.  Basically we support a family of 9 on what the government thinks is too little for a family of 3.  Obviously the government knows practically nothing about either faith or finances, but I still recognize it as a miracle.  I do not completely understand how He continues to support us year after year, but I know it takes more than just dollars to do anything of value.