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More Car stuff

Keeping used cars running takes a little money, and a lot of luck.  It also takes more knowledge and experience than I have, so this next post is probably more about saving me from my own ignorance than anything else.

We have an extra car sitting in our garage.  I personally see no need to have more cars than drivers, but we held on to it because it was paid for and we will have extra drivers home for the summer, and a new driver a few months after that.  It had been running really rough and not always shifting properly, but it would be good one day, bad the next.  Then the silly alarm system kept going off at all hours, so we finally just disconnected the battery.  Since then it has been sitting, gathering dust, with a flat tire as a bonus.  What a waste of garage space I thought.

Decided it was time to see if it would run again or not – basically registration is coming up.  Hubby pulled the tire, found a large nail, and got that fixed.  Then he pulled out the battery that was no longer holding the charge, found it well past its life expectancy, and replaced it.  For the price of a flat repair and new battery I feel like we have a new vehicle!  We still need to test it out further, but it looks like the bad battery was probably the cause of all the sporadic issues we were having.  Go figure.

Phone Technology

LG전자, 한국인에 꼭 맞는 '옵티머스Q' 스마트폰 출시

Hubby recently got a smart phone so he could take payments and invoice while working on site.  Not only is that going to be a huge help, but we seem to have made the move at just the right time.  We were basically waiting for the price of the technology to come down.  We got a great deal on a phone, and a decently good price on a phone plan.  I was pretty happy with the purchase, but now that I’m looking around I realize I didn’t just get a good deal, but an awesome great deal!

I found a reconditioned smart phone, from the phone company, not top of the line, but plenty good for only $20!  Has a full warranty and everything, and it is owned outright, not tied to any contract.  It is still available in store for $130, so we are very happy.  Yeah for us!  Were also able to transfer our current number and account with an upgrade of $15/month for unlimited everything!  This will save my “paper allergic” hubby so much time and grief.  Definitely felt directed.