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One thing I really truly struggle with is simply accepting that the Lord has a different time frame than I can see.  I realized today another example of how His timing is better than mine.

We recently purchased a larger vehicle that would seat our entire family.  I knew we needed it, and planned to get it, but I wanted to wait until the new job had settled in a little bit.  It made a lot of sense to me to simply wait a few months.  It made me feel responsible.  Instead opportunities opened up earlier than I had planned on, and I went with it, unhappily but I did it because it felt right.

The last little while with my son’s issues I have been able to help him out in ways that would not have been possible without this particular vehicle.  His need for absolute independence has caused him to practically cut us off from most contact.  He is on his bike, but there are some things it is just too far and too hot to practically use the bike.  As we have worked with getting him to slowly open up and trust us again the first thing he is taking advantage of is the ability to throw his bike in the back and get a ride one direction.  It is a small step in the relationship, but one that we would not have been able to take if we didn’t have this vehicle until the end of the summer.